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A Comprehensive Construction Clean-Up Guide

Have you constructed your home? Or done with the renovation? If yes, now you are planning for the construction clean-up but don’t know how to start it? Then don’t need to worry, we have a comprehensive guide for you for the cleaning of the dust, debris, and everything that is creating a mess in your newly renovated house.

Don’t feel the cleaning is hard, once you decide and make a checklist then you can easily do it by yourself. Otherwise, you can take the assistance of construction debris removal Solano County services that will surely help you in providing the deep cleaning of the house or building.

Steps to clean the house after construction

To clean your house after renovation you can follow the steps given below. You can start with rough cleaning and then thorough cleaning of your house.

Rough Cleaning

This is the first stage that you should follow. In this step, you have to remove the major sources of dirt, and debris. The rough cleaning will clean the space and you will have an idea for cleaning floors, walls, doors, and windows. The rough cleaning involves following things

  • Removal of the construction debris
  • Removing the stains and spots of the paints and the caulking splashes as well as adhesive
  • Wipe the glass or appliances having any stickers
  • Wash the baseboards, door frames, and down walls
  • Sweep and vacuum the floors or carpets.
  • Remove window coverings clean if any splashes of paint are present.

Deep Cleaning

Once you have completed deep cleaning you have to know to take steps for cleaning surfaces deeply. It is an effective way to make your house hygienic and free of any debris. This will make everything truly neat and clean. The deep cleaning process involves the following procedures to do.

  • You have to thoroughly clean the kitchen and bathroom by using disinfectant, detergent and using the sweep to clean the toilet.
  • You can use the squeegee to clean the glass doors, windows and shower cubicles.
  •  After that, wash the walls, doors, cabinets and baseboard by using detergent.
  • Dust the light fixtures and wipe down the bulbs and tube lights using a soft dry cloth.
  • During a deep post-construction clean, start at the farthest point from the exterior and work down and out.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust deeply from the HVAC filters and vents. Moreover, you have to wash carpets and floors
  • Finally, you have to vacuum your furniture, sofa, and chairs. Plus use a slightly damp cloth to clean the wooden portion of the furniture.

Cleaning Of Windows And Mirror

After going through deep cleaning of your house, now it’s your turn to clean windows and mirrors. Usually, smudges and fingerprints are present on these portions. For this, you need a mirror or glass cleaner to remove the stains. Use a soft cloth or newspaper to remove all scratches and retain the shine.

Removing Of Fine Dust After Construction

The fine dust is the most annoying thing one can find after construction. It is quite impossible to remove that easily. It may clog the HVAC system and get penetrated into electronics. To clean the fine dust, you have to use a damp microfiber cloth. On wet cloth dust, particles will stick on. Repeat this process on every surface having fine dust particles.

Between each pass wash the cloth so the dust on the cloth does not stick on the surface of the furniture or other portion of windows or doors. You can use the vacuum to clean the fine dust from carpets and hard floors

DIY or Hiring Experts?

Cleaning the house or building after renovation or construction seems a tough goal. You can only do it on your own if you have enough time in your hands. Other than that, you should follow the right steps and complete the tools checklist. Keep all cleaning equipment, detergent, and clothes with you so you can complete your work smoothly. Start cleaning with relaxation. Maybe you have to spend two or three days but with patience, you can definitely do it.

If you believe you do not have sufficient time, then it’s better to hire experts only. They have the required tools, equipment that they can use to sweep clean the area. Furthermore, they have the required experience and expertise which they can utilize to the best of their abilities to give the renovated or newly constructed a clean look. They will remove all the debris and other remaining articles in an effective way. Make sure to rely on professionals only. Depending on inexperienced staff will only make matters worse. So, hire 3 Kings Hauling & More and get rid of construction debris at the earliest.

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