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A Brief Guide to Financial Resources for Business Startups


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Are you a proud owner of a new business? If so, you’re likely getting a crash course in managing your cash flow.

By now, you’re likely aware that financial hurdles are the main reason most small businesses fail. Even with a solid cash flow, though, staying in the black every month isn’t easy.

The good news: there are plenty of financial resources that can help you on your journey. Here are four time-proven ways you can raise capital for your business.

Angel Investing

Angels are entrepreneurs who invest their funds in new businesses to help them get off the ground. Angel investments tend to start at around $50,000. It’s also possible for angels to invest in groups, resulting in investments of up to a million dollars.

If you’re looking for seed funding in that range, angels are a great option. Other than money, they also provide networking opportunities and sector-specific knowledge. Look for an angel who’s a good fit for your business in terms of experience.

Venture Capital

Venture capital revolves around investing in the growth capital of young businesses. Most VC firms have funds of a specific size that they need to invest within a certain amount of time. If they invest wisely, they can sell the company’s shares for a profit.

Venture capital is very useful for a business startup that’s past the seed stage. In other words, it helps companies grow faster than they could grow organically. That said, most VC firms only invest in companies with proven products or market fit.

Bank Financing

Banks tend to be more risk-averse than angels or VC firms. They’re more likely to invest in companies that have collateral or have a low-risk profile. If you’re still a fledgling business, securing a business loan from a bank can be difficult.

If you’re generating a stable income stream, a bank is a solid option. A big advantage of debt financing is that you don’t need to sell parts of your company as equity. In the long run, this can make bank loans much more affordable than VC or angel investments.

As for how to ensure a stable income stream, start by getting your accounting in order. For instance, https://hrwisellc.com/bookkeeping/ is a good choice if you’re looking for bookkeeping services.


As the name implies, crowdfunding involves regular people financing your business. The way it works is you join a crowdfunding platform and put a detailed description of your business on it. If consumers believe in the idea, they’ll give you money for it.

Crowdfunding is best suited for propositions that the general public can understand. It also helps you figure out the demand for the product you’re working on. Keep in mind that crowdfunding is very competitive, so your market fit must be rock-solid.

Other Financial Resources to Consider

As you can see, entrepreneurs have access to various sources of funding. Some are perfect for early-stage startups, and others are more relevant to fast-growth companies. Find the source that suits your situation and company stage and take advantage of it!

Interested in other financial resources we haven’t covered in this article? Keep reading our finance-related content!

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