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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Launch Your First SEM Campaign


Are you looking for high search rankings?

The top three search results are the most coveted spot. Among these, the first result outpaces the others by a long shot. Its average click-through rate is 28.5 percent, while the next top spots only have 15 percent and 11 percent.

The average CTR falls sharply after, with users rarely going to the second page. It’s because the SEO competition is tight.

To succeed, you need an SEM campaign to complement your digital marketing campaign. Keep reading to learn how to launch one.

Target the Right Audience

The first step to any marketing campaign is to know your target audience. It allows you to personalize your ad message and help your audience relate better.

Create your ideal buyer persona based on:

  • Demographics
  • Languages spoken
  • Devices used
  • Online activities
  • Purchasing habits
  • Average spend

Knowing these allows you to take advantage of advanced targeting options. The more specific your target is, the tighter your net becomes.

Research Your Keywords

Like in SEO, keywords are the backbone of search engine marketing. Research the winning keywords to use for your ads and landing page.

Use tools like the Google Keyword Planner to find more keywords. Use branded keywords as well. They allow you to have full control of describing your brand.

Choose the Right Platform

Google is a safe bet, considering it’s the largest search engine with over 6.9 billion searches every day. However, your target audience also uses other platforms.

Amazon, YouTube, Pinterest, and eBay among others are also huge search engines where you can launch an SEM campaign. It depends on where your audience frequents more. Use SEM services to find your audience faster.

Build an Effective Landing Page

Your landing page directs users who clicked on your ad. Here, they will continue their buying journey. As such, it should have the right elements to entice them to complete a transaction.

First, it must be consistent with your advertisement. Your ad message should be in line with the landing page to avoid confusing the users. Never use the same page for multiple ads.

The information should be clear and visible right away. Don’t make the visitors search for the message. Make it easier for users to digest the information with bullet points and lists.

Don’t forget to add a CTA. You should clearly state what the visitors should do next and what happens when they accept. Display this in a prominent location.

If you do it right, it should increase your conversion rates in no time.

Launch Your SEM Campaign

After doing the things above, it’s only a matter of launching your campaign and developing SEM campaign ideas. However, your SEM campaign strategy doesn’t end there. You still have to monitor the results and optimize your ads as needed.

Search engine marketing gets you to the top of the search results. However, it isn’t easy to get your expected outcome unless you master digital marketing.

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