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8 Essential Pieces of Beach Gear You Need This Summer!


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Let’s face it, the idea of throwing on a bikini and heading off for an impromptu beach day is the stuff of fiction. In reality, going to the beach requires a little more planning and a whole lot more equipment.

Whether you’re hitting the nearby beach for some oceanside fun or heading on your long-awaited summer vacation, these kinds of sandy adventures can go from chic sun loungers and coastal cocktails to forgotten sunscreen and a serious case of heatstroke real fast.

But, what beach gear items are worth weighing down your tote for? Keep reading to find out!

1. Heavy-Duty Sunscreen

A full beach day calls for some heavy-duty sun protection. Leave the tanning oil behind and pack a tube of broad-spectrum sunscreen instead. Make sure you go for at least SPF 50 and choose a brand that promises fast-absorbing, water-resistant coverage.

And, don’t forget to pop some lip protection in your beach bag too. There are plenty of high SPF lip balms to choose from to ensure that your pout is pretty and protected.

2. Beach Umbrella

If you’re planning on going to the beach for the whole day, you’ll need more than sunscreen to protect you from those extra-harmful midday rays. And, if you feel like a sandy snooze, it’s a lot easier and safer to fall asleep under a beach umbrella than out on the sand.

That said, it’s smart to invest in a quality beach umbrella with extra accessories and handy details. One common concern with taking a parasol to the beach is the potential hazard of the wind blowing it into someone else’s space. To overcome this issue, it’s now possible to find umbrellas with built-in base pockets that you can fill with sand. This handy feature allows modern parasols to withstand winds of up to 35 mph but doesn’t make them any heavier or bulkier to carry.

Other handy beach umbrella details you’ll wonder how you did without are towel hooks. These hooks are ideal for hanging up dry clothes, bags, towels, and anything else you want to keep off the sand and within easy reach.

3. Fouta Towel

Also known as Turkish towels, these thin, multi-use towels first became popular for use as towels or sarongs in Turkish bathhouses and spas. But, fouta towels also perfect for taking for a day at the beach since they’re a lot lighter and often bigger than plush beach towels.

Lay your tasseled fouta towel out on the sand under your parasol for the perfect beach chic setup while you catch up on your reading. Then, when the sun starts to set, feel the soft luxury of pure cotton or linen as you wrap it around your shoulders.

4. Snorkel Mask

Unless you’re a strong swimmer, some oceanside locations are a little too rough to really enjoy the sea. But, if you’re lucky enough to hit up a beach with more tranquil waters, there’s no better way to explore than with a spot of snorkeling.

A simple snorkel mask complete with a breathing tube won’t set you back more than a few dollars but the underwater life you’ll see will be priceless. Plus, wearing a snorkeling mask means you can enjoy the water without having to wear yourself out swimming as you can just float along the surface while you check out the views below.

5. Pop-Up Cooler

Standard coolers are all well and good but even when they’re empty they take up a lot of space and aren’t exactly light. Instead, keep your food, water, and alcoholic beverages chilled with a pop-cooler that then collapses flat when you’ve finished for the day. For extra cooling, pop a beer koozie or two from CoolieNation in there to ensure your refreshments stay nice and cool while you’re drinking them too.

6. Waterproof Camera

Sun, sea, sand, and smartphones aren’t exactly compatible, especially if you want to take shots of you and your friends enjoying the ocean waves or exploring the hidden depths. In fact, it’s not a terrible idea to leave your phone behind altogether. After all, a beach day is best enjoyed without constant Instagram scrolling and Snapchat filters.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you shouldn’t have some kind of record of your summer vacation or beach day trip. This is why it’s a great idea to invest in a waterproof camera. You can then take underwater selfies, fishy close-ups, and as many shots of ocean dives and splashing around as you want without having to worry about getting your gear wet.

7. Bucket Hat

Wide-brimmed straw hats might look chic but they’re far from travel-friendly. This summer, avoid the threat of losing your hat to a gust of wind or crushing it in an over-stuffed beach tote and opt for a bucket hat instead.

As well as being the hat silhouette of the season and a flattering fit for all face shapes, bucket hats are easy to fold up in a suitcase or bag and are far less likely to fly off your head in a strong ocean breeze.

8. Bat & Ball Set

It always pays to have some kind of game or activity stashed away in your bag for making your beach day extra fun, especially if you’re heading to the sand with different age groups.

A simple bat and ball set is light but packs in a ton of entertainment value for this year and many a summer vacation to come. And, a quick game of bat and ball is ideal for helping you warm up after an unexpectedly cold ocean dip!

Essential Beach Gear Items to Pack This Summer

When packing beach gear it’s all too easy to go overboard and end up weighing yourself down with useless accessories. Although, that’s often preferable to forgetting the essentials and ending up dehydrated, bored, and burned.

But, with this list to guide you, you can guarantee that your next beach day will be safe, fun, and extra memorable.

Looking for more handy tips and news? Be sure to check out our other blog posts for all the latest updates and best advice!

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