6 Mistakes with Apartment Hunting and How to Avoid Them


    Are you looking for a new apartment but don’t know where to start? Finding an ideal place can be challenging, especially if you’re in a big city.

    There’s a lot of competition and a lot of scammers so making mistakes is a natural part of the apartment hunting process.

    Keep reading to learn all about the 6 most common mistakes with apartment hunting and how to avoid them.

    1. You Don’t Read the Fine Print

    Not all landlords are the same, so not all leases and contracts offer the same terms and conditions. Read the fine print a few times and ask questions until you understand the contract well.

    Ask the landlord for a copy of the lease for your record and keep it in a safe place. Research local lease laws as well as your rights as a tenant before you sign on the dotted line.

    2. You Make Commute a Deciding Factor

    Checking out neighborhoods to see if the commute to work is bearable is understandable. Just don’t make it your deciding factor if you really love an apartment in a different area.

    Sometimes, the perks of an apartment will be worth a little extra commute to work, especially if it’s a nice neighborhood.

    3. You Overlook Damages

    If you’re in a rush to get a new apartment, you could overlook damages that don’t look so bad in the beginning but may cost you a lot of money down the line.

    If possible, go through the damages in the apartment together with the landlord. Talk about who’s responsible for fixing them and how much money you’ll need to pay in case you do some damages to the apartment while you live there.

    4. You Don’t Worry About Your Credit Score

    Did you know your credit score can make or break your apartment hunt? Some landlords will specifically look for this to make a decision, so think about this early on before you start actively searching for a place.

    To learn how your credit score can affect your apartment hunting and rent, read this article.

    5. You Don’t Have a Real Estate Agent

    Finding an apartment can be a long, stressful, and overwhelming process. So why not pay someone to do these things for you?

    A real estate agent will listen to your needs and make sure they source the best options for apartments with the best price. All you need to do is show up at viewings and choose the place you love the most.

    6. You Browse Online Listings

    Searching for apartments online is free and easy, but do you really want to sift through listings comparing apartment costs only to find out half of them are fake?

    If you do decide to browse online listings, make sure you use legitimate websites that you know are the real deal. Otherwise, you can easily fall victim to a scam artist and end up wasting your money and time.

    Don’t Make These Common Mistakes With Apartment Hunting

    No matter your location, finding the right place to live can be stressful and overwhelming. These tips will help you avoid the top six mistakes with apartment hunting and find the right apartment for your needs.

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