7 Ways to Identify the Unqualified Truck Drivers


Approximately 3.7 million commercial trucks serve the U.S. today, delivering products within a state or from state to state. Unfortunately, the shortage of drivers is alarming. So, in their desperate move to get more drivers, companies may recruit unqualified ones. Here are seven qualifications that if a driver does not meet, they are unqualified to be one. One can obtain it by attending a professional driving school as DriverZ Austin TX.

  1. Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

A truck driver doesn’t need to have a formal education. However, a CDL is a must-have for them.

  1. Age Limits

To be a commercial truck driver, one must be over 21 years. That is when they are allowed to cross state lines. An 18-year driver with a CDL is restricted to driving within their home state only. However, they can cross the state lines in the company of a more experienced driver.

  1. Physical Qualifications

Being a truck driver is not an easy job. It requires one to sit behind the wheel for hours and may be required to load or unload cargo. As such, it requires someone who is physically healthy to handle it. Department of Transportation performs a physical test to ensure the drivers meet the required health qualifications.

If a driver has a condition such as sleep apnea, they will need a doctor to declare that they can drive. That is because these conditions can compromise their ability to drive at times. 

  1. Clean Driving Record

For a driver to obtain a CDL, they must have a clean driving record, which means no license suspensions, DUIs, or moving violations. Any person with any of these is an unqualified truck driver, and it will be hard for them to maintain the CDL, which requires one not to engage in unsafe driving behaviors or get traffic tickets. 

  1. Knowledgeable About the Truck

Before embarking on any journey, the driver must check the truck to ensure safety. Check the engine, door handles, mirrors, driveshaft, catwalk, hinges, etc. Also, while on the road, the truck may break down, and the driver will be required to repair it. For a driver to do all these things, they must have knowledge of the truck. 

  1. Pass Drug Tests

The alcohol impairment limit for a truck driver is 0.04 grams of alcohol per deciliter of blood. They are also subjected to random and regular alcohol screenings to ensure that they remain sound for the job. If a driver fails to comply with or violates these requirements, they are suspended for a year. If they repeat, they are suspended for a lifetime. 

  1. No Criminal Record

Obtaining a CDL requires one not to have been involved in any criminal activities. This is to assure the safety of the people they serve and the products they move.

More than 5000 people die or suffer severe injuries from accidents involving trucks every year. This is majorly due to unqualified drivers handling these trucks. Therefore, qualifications are essential to prevent such incidences.

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