7 Space Savers to Keep an RV Organized and Clean


    Recreational vehicles continue to see an increase in sales. The RV industry might sell just under 550,000 units in 2022. The population has changed its views of homeownership. Some prefer to rent rather than buy. 

    Those who buy don’t necessarily purchase single-family homes; they also purchase condominiums, apartments, and RVs. In 2018, an estimated one million Americans lived in recreational vehicles. 

    Some describe themselves as modern nomads. The line of thinking comes from other nomadic lifestyles that Americans have adopted including digital nomads.

    Other reasons why individuals purchase RVs include travel. They pack up the vehicle and head out to campgrounds and communities where parking is available. 

    Driving this vehicle requires caution. They have large blind spots for the driver. RV vehicles are large and cumbersome to maneuver for the inexperienced. If a collision occurs, speak with legal professionals on what to do next.

    RVs are already efficient living spaces. However, you can make them more efficient.

    The following are seven space savers to keep an RV organized and clean.


     A kitchen organization trend that has taken off is using narrow instead of wide organization tools. Narrow tools organize items upright instead of flat. Plus, they take up less space since they pull out of the wall. You can use this trend in your RV too. Moreover, you can use the following two space savers too.

    1. Dish Caddy

    Dish caddies allow you to organize the dishes, flatware, and pans in the sink. In addition, they can dry fully in the sink too. 

    Then, when you need to use a dish again, grab it from the sink. Since you can keep things in the sink, you can skip drying the kitchen items and putting them away.

    A nice perk is that dish caddies are readily available at your favorite retailer and home goods store. When you shop for it, find the one that fits your RV’s sink.

    2. Nesting Bowls

    Every RV needs a few bowls – they hold food the best. One way to save space is to purchase nesting bowls. Then, you can stack several without taking up additional space. 

    Since they nest, they stay organized and clean.


    You’ll store several items in the bedroom including your clothes, bedding, and luggage. The configuration for RVs differs from one brand to the next. Some have built-in beds attached to a wall. Others have beds that fold to provide extra space during the daytime. 

    If you purchase a bed for the RV, consider using the space underneath it for storage.

    3. Under the Bed Storage

    Under-the-bed storage cubes remain an efficient way to organize the bedroom area. The other option is to customize the closets. Under-the-surface storage continues on-trend in 2022. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of options to pick from.

    4. Folding Sofa Bed

    Most bedroom spaces in RVs can fit up to a King-sized bed. If you need additional sleeping space, consider adding a folding sofa bed. Folding sofas are convenient in homes and recreational vehicles – they’re comfortable for day and night use. 

    Communal Area

    Keeping the communal areas organized and clean is important. It’s where you’ll eat, watch TV, and share conversation. You don’t want to attract bugs and critters. You also don’t want it to become crowded.

    5. Wall Mounts for Electronics

    Optimizing indoor RV space means using the walls. Use wall mounts to organize electronics such as televisions and iPads. You can also use mounts in the kitchen to organize utensils, pots, and cutlery tools.

    The mounts keep things off the flat surfaces. Thus, individuals are less likely to knock them over or become frustrated with their presence.

    6. Under Table Drawers

    Another great organizing option is under-the-table drawers. You’ll install these yourself. Thus, you can customize them to your needs and preferences.


    The bathroom is the most used room in any living situation. People also store several items in it such as toiletries. 

    7. Shower Pocket Organizer

    A shower pocket organizer hangs from the wall. It resembles a hanging shoe organizer but the material can handle the wet environment. 

    It’s a great way to organize toiletries and keep them off surfaces. 

    Essentially, storage has moved off surfaces and onto walls. In a small living space, it’s a great way to keep them clean and organized. 


    Most RVs have efficient designs, especially in 2022. Manufacturers have come up with creative ways to incorporate storage and maximize space. Nonetheless, you can customize it further to fit your preferences by adding under-the-surface storage and wall organizers.

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