7 Benefits of Video Monitoring Your Business


    Is your business video-monitored during or after hours? If not, then you are at risk for security issues.

    Video surveillance is an excellent business security tool that can help deter theft and vandalism. It will scare potential thieves away or catch them in the act.

    There are many benefits of video monitoring a business, and we will discuss seven of them here.

    1. Catch Employee Crime

    Employee crimes can be simple. They could be stealing office supplies from the office or doing a few unauthorized transactions on your company’s credit card.

    Video monitoring can deter this type of theft by catching the employee in action. It can also prove that an employee was not responsible because the video footage is more reliable than an eyewitness account.

    2. Eliminate Shoplifting Issues

    Do you have a video surveillance system in place at your business? If not, then consider this: video monitoring can help eliminate shoplifting issues.

    Video surveillance will make people think twice before they steal. They might be caught on camera and get in trouble.

    3. Guards Are Expensive

    Building a video surveillance system into your business can help you save money in other areas. For example, you won’t need to hire guards to be security personnel.

    Video surveillance is a cheaper way to have security. You’ll only need the initial installation cost and minimal expenses in monitoring. On the other hand, guards may cost more than $30 an hour, and it’s a recurring expense.

    4. Security Cameras Can Be Put Anywhere

    A video security system can be placed anywhere within a business, providing excellent coverage of the entire space. It will also help deter thieves from entering because they know they will likely get caught on camera if they steal something or vandalize property.

    You can put cameras outside to watch the entrances and exits. You can also have a security guard monitor the video feed. If there is any suspicious activity, set the alarm off.

    5. Boost Employee Safety

    Employees are not the only ones who should be video-monitored during or after hours. If you have employees working in a dangerous environment, remote video monitoring with Mobile Video Guard is necessary for safety reasons.

    If an employee falls into machinery and there’s no video footage of it happening, they may get blamed for their injury because management has no proof otherwise.

    Video surveillance can show who is at fault when accidents happen on company property. Then there are fewer lawsuits, and you save money.

    6. Compliance

    Video surveillance can help businesses that are subject to compliance regulations. If your business is under video monitoring, it will be easier for you to provide video evidence of the company complying with these laws following a potential inspection by regulatory agencies.

    7. Customer Service

    Video surveillance can also be used to monitor customer service interactions. Many video monitoring systems provide a live feed of what’s happening in the store. This provides an excellent way for managers or supervisors to see employees interacting with customers and then intervene if necessary.

    How to Get Started With Video Monitoring

    Video monitoring is a powerful tool that can be used to protect your business from theft, vandalism, and much more. As you’ve seen in the content above, there are plenty of benefits for doing so as well. From increased security to improved customer service, it’s time to start making this option work for your business.

    Do these reasons convince you to invest in a camera system for your company? Keep reading our posts to learn much more.