6 Types of Software to Accelerate Organizational Productivity

Managing a business sales team is challenging. You have to motivate employees and incentivize them to raise efficiency. An efficient sales team allows you to generate higher revenue and better use of resources.

One way of accelerating team productivity is by incorporating software into the sales process. It removes the work burden from employees, providing them with a stress-free environment to perform their jobs. However, managing a greater output makes the process error-prone, affecting your sales and revenue. Here are some types of software you can incorporate into your operations to increase your team’s and organization’s productivity.

1  Account-Based Marketing Software

Account-based marketing (ABM) software, helps identify potential customers and personalized marketing campaigns.  It selects accounts by comparing them to key performance indicators, such as the revenue generated. Utilize this information to create a marketing strategy that aligns with the customer’s goals. ABM software helps employees create influential marketing campaigns that increase leads, ensuring they spend time making data-based targeting strategies.

2 Video Conferencing Software

Negotiations are crucial to convincing other businesses to purchase your products and services. Other companies may be far away, and face-to-face meetings with their managers are not possible every time. Your company should consider investing in suitable video conferencing software to facilitate the client. Demonstrations are more efficient if you can communicate smoothly without technical issues such as lagging. 

3 Sales Acceleration Software

Sales acceleration software automates repetitive administration tasks, such as email tracking, analytics, and sales coaching. By automating simple tasks, the sales team streamlines its process and focuses on essential tasks like negotiations and attracting new clients. The software produces work quickly and error-free, allowing other sales operations to run smoothly and increasing team productivity.

4 Sales Forecasting Software

Sales Forecasting Software lets you know the estimated sales you will make. Initially, you enter historical sales data into the software, which compares this information with current trends to project future sales. According to the prediction, you can alter the output you produce. This method allows you to save money by not overproducing and ensures you do not miss out on revenue by making less. Invest in the best forecasting software to get the most precise results. The forecasting software is more accurate and quick in producing results than human efforts, allowing your team to make better decisions better and faster. 

5 Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence or BI software gathers and formats raw financial data into reports and graphs. They allow you to evaluate your return on investment (ROI). This way, you can pinpoint profitable ventures and continue investing in better-performing methods, and cut down on losses. Ensuring resources are utilized in effective strategies helps increase team productivity. 

You can also use the BI Software to compare the financial performance of your sales team to identify and reward the better-performing employees. These boost employee morale and motivate them to perform even better. 

6 Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer relationship management software or CRM compiles information on all your clients into a single cloud-based server. The report helps establish a demographic for your marketing strategies and indicates how to pursue negotiations with clients. By understanding your client base, you can anticipate their future needs to adjust your product or service accordingly. CRM software allows you to increase client satisfaction and increase customer lifetime value. 

Positive reviews about your teams’ efficiency from the clients will encourage employees to perform better, increasing team productivity. Reviews will also enable you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly.


For a business to grow efficiently, team productivity is essential. Better-performing employees allow your business to generate more revenue while using fewer resources. You can encourage this work culture by incorporating software into your business’s workflow. 

Intelligent software and automation streamline the business model, providing employees with predictions and data to improve efficiency. They eliminate redundant, manual tasks so your team can focus on more important decisions. All this ensures that a greater workload does not hamper team productivity. 

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