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6 Smart Commercial Property Renovations You Probably Haven’t Thought of Yet


The commercial property you own is one of the most important assets you’ll ever own. So, are you making the most of it? We compiled a few smart property improvements you can consider to have more functionality, better aesthetics and even a higher income this year. 

Cover Over Outside Area for Clients and Employees

You may be so focused on what goes on inside your factory, office or retail area that you forget about going outside. Some companies add folding arm awnings that provide protection against the sun, but take this plan one step further: a big enough awning creates excellent cover for people who want to take a break and enjoy fresh air outside. It can even be an area to have business meetings if you add stylish furniture underneath.

When using awnings that can collapse, you can make adjustments according to what the weather dictates. If a strong wind comes, simply retract it, so it doesn’t get damaged. Such a feature ensures your investment will serve you well for a long time.

Skylights for Health, Budget and Functionality

Most businesses operate with a lot of artificial lighting in offices, factories and retail spaces. However, more and more people are recognising the value of adding skylights to commercial properties. Here’s what you’re probably missing out on:

  • Natural light has been proven to affect people’s moods in a positive way. Therefore, you can help boost office morale and even improve staff members’ mental health by adding a skylight to your roof.
  • When you have more natural light you’ll have less need of your artificial lights, so you’ll use less electricity but still have enough light for people to perform their jobs. This saving on electricity can eventually make up for the money you invest in the new skylight installations. 
  • The light coming through a skylight results in less strain on people’s eyes compared to artificial lighting. With fewer staff members complaining of headaches, you’ll have better productivity and perhaps even fewer sick days that cost the company money. 

Impress Clients with More Curb Appeal

You do need to manage people’s perception of your brand if you want to be a preferred vendor. If your target audience is your local community, creating an aesthetically pleasing property can go a long way in gaining people’s respect. This is because many people associate a clean, impressive property with professionalism and good service.

Furthermore, anything that’s broken on the outside could make visitors wonder if you’re successful and if cash flow is a problem. Any doubt in your brand’s abilities can impact whether a client keeps on supporting you or not. Therefore, prove to the locals that you’re the brand to take notice of by making changes to the property:

  • Do landscaping.
  • Clean the driveway and parking area regularly.
  • Repaint lines in the parking lot, so the area doesn’t look in disrepair. 
  • Upgrade or replace your company’s signage if colours starts fading. 
  • Repair and repaint the area around the front door on a regular basis.

Add More Parking

The customers you’re hoping for could be passing your eatery, retail outlet or office simply because they can’t find a spot to park nearby on a rainy or very hot day. 

Make your brand more accessible by ensuring people can easily reach you, without even having to walk far. If there’s any space on your premises that you can turn into client parking, do it sooner rather than later. 

Do an Energy-efficiency Review

These days there are so many products and innovations that can help you save electricity and that means you’re saving money too! As a bonus you’ll make your property more eco-friendly, so it’s worth spending a little money on changes like:

  • Switching to energy-friendly lightbulbs throughout the building.
  • Using double roller blinds that empower you to manage the light pouring into each room. This makes it easier to control interior temperatures, so you’ll use the HVAC less. 
  • Adding solar panels to your roof space so you have an alternative source of energy. 

Create Space to Rent Out

Are you using all the space you have or can you operate efficiently after sacrificing a certain area? Whether it’s a room you don’t really need, or you decide to build an additional office, it can become a new source of income if you rent it out. 

Final Thoughts

While you’re doing everything that’s necessary for running your business effectively, don’t forget to also manage your property better. 

Of course renovations require capital investment, but trying out some of our tips will be money well spent. Impress clients while also adding value to your asset. You’ll have benefits now AND it’s advantageous should you one day decide to sell the space. Your asking price can be much higher after some renovations. 

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