6 Senior Mobility Aids That Drastically Improve One’s Quality of Life

Did you know mobility loss can lead to a higher risk of falling? Aging adults tend to struggle with mobility. If you want to learn about the different mobility equipment to consider, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over different senior mobility aids.

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1. Consider a Wheelchair

For seniors who can’t walk on their own, a wheelchair is an excellent choice. Non-powered wheelchairs are an option for seniors who have moderate upper body strength.

If you need help from a caregiver or friend to move about, consider a powered wheelchair.

Powered wheelchairs give people a sense of independence. Of course, you will spend more on a powered wheelchair, but you’ll have more autonomy.

2. You Could Use a Cane

Canes will help people with balance problems. Some older folks will use a cane to help relieve pressure on their joints. If you have light or moderate walking problems, consider a wooden cane.

A quad cane provides better stability. If you need more help with balance, consider a quad cane over a single-point cane.

3. Walker or Wheeled Walker

Some seniors will choose a walker. You can get a walker without wheels that provide you with more stability than a cane. Yet, some people find the walker without wheels tricky to use.

Walkers with wheels will provide people with decent stability.

4. What About a Rollator?

A rollator is a wheeled walker that has a seat and hand brakes. Rollators tend to be one of the most popular mobility aids.

People can sit down on the seat if they get tired. A rollator will also provide people with stability. There’s also a basket where you can put items.

5. You Could Get a Scooter

Scooters have become popular among seniors who face mobility challenges. Since a scooter’s electrically powered, seniors can move around on their own.

Scooters can move through a range of different terrains compared to powered wheelchairs. However, if you need a mobility aid at home, you might want to consider a powered wheelchair.

6. Install a Stair Lift

Stair lifts help seniors maintain an independent lifestyle at home. If you have a difficult time going up and downstairs, consider installing a stair lift.

The stair lift has two components: the chair and the track. The easiest track will allow you to go up and down stairs and is fast to install. Some people will need to install a curved track for a stairway that bends.

An outdoor stair lift will need to get made from weather-proof materials. You will spend a bit more on this track, but it can help you with balance issues.

Now You Know More About Senior Mobility Aids

We hope this guide on mobility aids was helpful. When researching senior mobility aids, consider your budget and your specific needs.

Are you still able to walk, or do you need extra help? Choose from a wide range of mobility aids from canes, wheelchairs, scooters, or a stair lift.

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