5 Quick Steps To Win An Escape Room

5 Quick Steps To Win An Escape Room

Many people think that being an excellent puzzle and problem solver is necessary to excel in escape rooms. Even though this is a useful talent to have in an escape room, these games are played in teams. The true secret to escape is employing tactics that will encourage your team to cooperate in the cleverest, most effective way imaginable.

When it comes to effectively escaping an escape room, there are some best practises that you should be aware of. The major methods for helping you and the rest of your team escape the room will be covered in this section.

Step 1: Communicate

It is simple to lose focus and forget that you have a whole team supporting you. Use as many brains as you can since two are better than one! Make sure to let the rest of your group know if you discover a clue. It’s extremely likely that they have additional jigsaw pieces that link to your hint.

Ask the rest of your team for assistance if you’re having trouble with a particular hint or challenge as well! Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes to see things from a different perspective. Never be afraid to seek assistance from your friends.

Step 2: Look everywhere

Anything is possible in an escape room. Every escape room contains ingeniously hidden doors, safes, and other hints. As a result, it is crucial to pay close attention to your surroundings. Analyse the them of the escape room to find clues.

For example, if you are enrolled in a banking theme in Chicago escape rooms, then you can check the drawers, bank lockers and beneath the desk to search for the clues. There is more there than what first meets the eye; turn things about, flip them over, and so forth. You know you’ve gotten off course when you’re trying to force things.

Step 3: Divide and rule

In an escape room, you only have 60 minutes, therefore it’s crucial to use your resources wisely. What are your escape room’s most priceless resources? Teammates.

By reducing any duplication of effort, you may increase team productivity. Team members had to be dispersed across the space in search of various hints and riddles to solve. You can be missing out on other crucial cues if several people spend an excessive amount of time in one area of the room.

Step 4: Utilise your clues when you need them

Although finishing an escape room with no clues is a very impressive feat, it is highly unlikely. Avoid being too arrogant to use your clues! In almost every escape room game, you and your team will reach a deadlock where you are unsure of what to do next. Use a clue when you need that extra little lift!

Step 5: Lead your team

Escaping a room, without leading a team cannot be possible. If you want to win the escape room, then lead your team. Be the best means of communication for each other. Guide them to find and utilize the clues. For instances, if you are playing “The Haunted Hotel” as the best escape room in Manhattan, then you must have to communicate to get the idea about the thrilling clues hidden in the game.

We hope that guide will assist you in making your first successful escape if you are still waiting. Keep these tips in mind and be prepared to use them the next time you enter an escape room. Time is running out. Good Luck!