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5 Key Dental SEO Practices To Reach More Patients Online

Digital marketing is no longer confined to ecommerce businesses. Even the emergency service providers like dentists are using this marketing strategy to grow their practices and connect with new patients online.

When it comes to dental patient marketing, there are multiple things to consider. These include website design, social media marketing, content marketing, and many more. The very first thing that hits the mind of the marketer is website SEO.

Despite putting in great marketing efforts, if your dental website fails to rank at the top of the search engine result page, it’s meaningless to proceed further. We understand how difficult it is to take care of your dental website SEO while being busy with your patients. However, outsourcing the job can ease out the work to a great extent.

In this article, we will talk about the key practices that enable dentists to make their visibility online and build a good patient base.

5 Key dental SEO practices to reach more patients online

  1. Optimize your Google My Business: Start your dental SEO practice by listing your business on Google My Business. Adding your business listing on GMB brings the business in front of the local searches. Whenever a potential patient search for a dental clinic, your brand name will remain visible at the absolute top.

Make sure you add the details properly so that patients can reach out to your clinic easily. Some important fields to fill up include – location, contact number, business hours, website link, about the brand, photos, etc.

GMB even allows patients and clients to add feedback about the brand. You can ask your patients to share their experiences online.

Besides, regular posting through Google My Business allows users to create events and share services directly to Google Maps and Google Search. You can create them and make them appear in the relevant search on the search engine.

2. Prioritize keywords based on semantic search: In the recent past, primary keywords were given high priority for dental SEO. According to the marketers, these keywords bring heavy traffic to the website and achieve better rankings. However, the current SEO algorithm speaks about focusing on user intent to cultivate new leads and new potential patients.

Besides primary keywords, you need to prioritize secondary keywords as well. They will give you a much greater audience with good brand exposure. We suggest you create content based on semantic search and choose keywords accordingly. In this way, you can consider both the intent and exact match phrases.

3. Earn quality backlinks: Do you know what impacts the website ranking has through backlinks? Backlinks or any links earned from different sites to your website are not just good for building traffic but even for experiencing high rankings.

In the case of a dental service provider, patients look for the rankly-ranked website first instead of browsing other pages. Hence, earning backlinks and acquiring rankings are the best options. You can do this simply by creating interesting content.

Content like blogs, articles, social media posts, forum posts, etc. – all have the potential to generate quality backlinks which actually help in improving your SEO. SEO for dentists works really well with this.

4. Create more educational content: In the above section, we were discussing creating quality content. Right? Now, what kind of content deserves high quality?

For dentists, educational content works the best. It helps to educate the patients with new treatments, procedures, benefits, drawbacks, diseases, remedies, and many more. On your dental website, you can simply add a corner for your write-ups. Here you can add different blogs and share them with your audience on different platforms.

While creating content, ensure having proper keywords, attractive headlines, and trending topics that can engage the audience. That’s it.

5. Make your dental site mobile-friendly: Your dental website SEO never gets complete without a mobile-friendly website. No patient will prefer using a desktop to find an emergency medical service. Isn’t it? Hence, optimizing your website SEO with mobile-friendly features is quite essential.

As per the recent analysis, by the year 2025, 75% of online users will choose smartphones to search for any query online. To make a strong and secured position on the online marketplace, getting a mobile-responsive dental site is definitely needed.

Start with mobile-first indexing. The search engine will crawl the mobile-friendly web pages and rank them first on the search engine.


Dental SEO services on digital medium is not an easy task, especially when you are unaware of the tricks and tips. This is when the SEO experts make a warm entry to help the dentists in marketing their brand digitally.

Remember, your potential patients won’t go beyond the first search engine result page. They look for the first top results and reach out to them accordingly.

Hence, improving your website SEO is necessary when it comes to dental services online.

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