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5 Important Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses

When you think of hackers, you probably think of the dark web, right? While hackers tend to live in the dangerous corners of the internet, you may not be aware that they also reside in everyday apps. Many are moving to apps like Telegram to prey on the uninformed.

  • While hackers tend to live in the dangerous corners of the internet, you may not be aware that they also reside in everyday apps. Using an app that provides unified communications security is a must.

This is a risk for us all every time we log onto the internet. What can be done to cut down on our chances of being hacked? Whether at the individual or business level, there are certain cybersecurity tips everyone can benefit from.

Just what are these ways of preventing hackers from our digital lives? Read our guide below to see what you and your team can do.

1. Passwords

For our first entry on our cybersecurity tips list, we suggest setting strong passwords. What does a strong password look like exactly, you ask? It’s best to use a long string of numbers, special characters, as well as upper and lower case letters.

Store them in a safe place such as a password manager or better yet offline using a pen and paper. If you go offline, just be sure to secure them somewhere extra secure like a fireproof safe.

By setting strong passwords for your accounts, you will be preventing hackers from using brute-force tactics to gain access. It’s well-advised to use multi-factor authentication too. This could be with setting up 2FA or biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition).

2. Firewalls

A firewall is another prevention measure when securing a business. A firewall allows access for authorized personnel only.

For example, a firewall will block access to certain IP addresses that are known to deliver malware. A malware payload could be delivered, but the firewall would prevent it from communicating and lockout the harmful data. Setting up a firewall is essential for small business cybersecurity to allow for outbound communication to remain steady and secure.

3. Encryption

Encrypting sensitive data is a crucial step for preventing hackers from running the gamut. Encryption is an important step to securing a business, whether for specific files or via E-mail.

You want to have an awareness of what and where your most important data lives. Is it customer information or intellectual property? When you properly encrypt such data, those files will be unreadable to prying eyes.

4. Back-Up

Unfortunately, the most common cyber attacks for businesses are ransomware schemes. This is done by holding your files hostage, locking you out of them, and asking for money to release them.

It isn’t guaranteed that you and your company will regain access to those files. This is why it is imperative to schedule routine backups. Consult with professionals to come up with the best backup strategy.

5. Train Employees

When discussing cybersecurity tips for businesses, a human is the weakest link. An untrained or uninformed employee could fall for a phishing attack or scam or download a malware file.

It all starts with proper training and education. It’s best to have regular meetings for common cyber attacks.

Your staff ought to know that you never want to download anything from an unknown source. Doing so could bring a virus to the entire system. Read here for information and best practices on DNS security.

Follow Our Cybersecurity Tips to Stay Safe

We encourage you to follow our cybersecurity tips to keep your company safe. Build upon our list and continue to teach your staff along the way.

Technology is always changing, so there is always something new to add. By taking the proper precautions, you and the data will remain secure.

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