5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Office

    Messy and cluttered office desk

    Does your desk feel like a tornado has blown through it? Can you never find the file you set down a minute ago? Have you had trouble being productive and feeling unorganized while you work?

    It sounds like it’s time to declutter your office. A clean and tidy workspace leads to a better working environment and increased productivity, not to mention peace of mind.

    Knowing which steps to take to declutter often is the biggest hurdle. Luckily, we know where to start! So here are five easy decluttering ideas for your office.

    1. Sort into Keep, Donate, Sell, and Trash

    The first step to organization is cleaning up, and that means sorting through your current belongings. When going through your office, sort everything into piles of either keep, donate, sell, or trash.

    Any trash or unwanted things you can throw away and what you want to keep can get a place back in your office.

    Any items you don’t want but might be useful to someone else, you can either donate or sell. Old electronics, office furniture, and desk accessories you can resell can lead to you getting cash for organizing.

    2. Organize Based on Practicality

    After reducing the clutter in your office comes organizing your space. To do this, think practically about your workflow. What items do you need and use often, and what do you only consult every few months?

    Keep the items you often use close to your main workspace, like your desk and the top drawers. Other items you may not need every day can be tucked away on shelves or in filing cabinets.

    3. Control Your Cables

    Electronics are necessary for most occupations now, but their cords and cables can often make a space look messy. Tackle this issue by organizing your cables, whether they’re on the floor or tucked behind your desk.

    A labeling system is great and can help you identify the cables if you’re ever having issues with a certain device. You may also want something to keep the cables straight and organized so they won’t get tangled together.

    4. Digitize Notes and Documents

    If you’re able to reduce the amount of paper in your office, you should. Take time to digitize the notes and documents and organize them into files on your computer.

    Then file away any paper copies you may have to keep your workspace from looking cluttered with excess pages.

    5. Develop Organizational Skills Over Time

    Once you’ve taken the time to organize your office and workspace, you have to learn how to maintain it. These skills won’t happen overnight, but you can surely develop better habits with time.

    As you learn how to work and which organizing systems work best for you, you will develop the skills to maintain your clean and tidy office space.

    Transform Your Office With These Decluttering Ideas

    To create the best working environment, you really should have a clean office. Have a desk that promotes productivity and a system that promotes organization. Take time to declutter to give yourself the best office possible.

    Start with these decluttering ideas, and you can transform your office into the most productive workspace possible. Better yet, these tips can help you keep it that way.

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