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5 Common Types of Pallet Racking Systems for Warehouse Storage

Are you looking for the best pallet racking systems for your storage warehouse?

Warehouses aren’t only for manufacturing and distributing products. With the rise of eCommerce, business owners now invest in fulfillment centers. The United States demands a billion square feet of warehouse space exclusively for eCommerce.

Before making your warehouse a reality, you must fill it with the right racking systems. Continue reading for a quick guide on pallet racking system types.

1. Selective Pallet Racking Systems

It’s the most popular type among the pallet racking systems for warehouse storage. It uses a simple and inexpensive design. It also has the largest variety of sizes and accessories for custom warehouse use.

It allows you to select specific pallets and change beam levels or rearrange them. Selective racking systems are efficient for warehouse space, time, and productivity. Never forget, selective racking is also the cheapest option per square foot.

2. Drive-In or Drive-Thru Racking Systems

Another space-saver is the drive-in rack system. It only needs fewer aisles, meaning you can store 75% more pallets compared to selective racking. It’s perfect for repetitive products and last-in, first-out retrieval.

The drawback of drive-in racks is they’re vulnerable to abuse from forklift damage and misuse. You must ensure drive-in racks have good support. Visit konstant.com to learn more about pallet rack protection.

3. Push-Back or Back Racking Systems

Think about the refrigerated drinks at the grocery move. The rest of the bottles slide forward when taking the drink at the front of the shelf. Push-back racks apply the same idea.

Among pallet racking systems, it works best for retail and food warehouses. You can save time on picking because all the pallets’ movement is within a single aisle. However, it’s not suitable if you must perform order picking or access pallets for picking and putting away again.

4. Pallet Flow Racking Systems

A pallet flow rack system goes well for (FIFO) product storage, like food. You load the pallets from one side. After that, gravity allows them to go down to the other side of the rack.

All the food you place first will show up at the other end. It ensures the rotation of all food products. Remember, you mustn’t keep foods in your storage or warehouse for over one year.

5. Cantilever Racking Systems 

Are you storing long, bulky items like lumber, rolled textiles, or pipes? If so, you’ll do well with a cantilever rack. This racking system can either have double-sided or single-sided units.

Often, the arms on a cantilever rack are adjustable to accommodate your needs. After all, what are pallet racks, if not pieces of structure, to help you save space?

Find the Right Pallet Racking Systems for Your Warehouse

We hope the guide above helped you learn more about the most common types of pallet racking systems. Now you know what the types are; you also know the right ones for your warehouse or storage area.

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