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4 Top SEO Trends for 2021

In the contemporary world, it’s not enough to own a business and put money into advertising. You need to be on top of SEO trends as well.

SEO — or search engine optimization — is the process of using keywords to make sure your site appears towards the top on search engines. There are 5.6 billion Google searches a day, and you’d better believe that a lot of those are for goods and services. If you want people to pick you over your competitors, you have to learn the best SEO trends of 2021.

This article will walk you through some of the most popular trends.

1. Retention

While in the past, SEO has been primarily focused on getting clicks, 2021 is the year of customer retention. It’s one thing to gain a customer who shops with you one time; it’s another to build up a lifelong relationship.

Experts in SEO will hone in on analytics and figure out exactly what customers are doing after they visit these sites. Finding this out could just be the key to customer retention.

However, retaining customers with something like SEO isn’t easy. Find yourself a great B2B SEO Consultant that you can trust with your online content strategy.

2. Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO works a bit differently from desktop SEO. It’s generally focused on local searches because most mobile searches are looking for local results. If someone wants to find out about a product a great distance away, they’re more likely to hunker down and break out the desktop.

Many businesses have ignored mobile SEO. What’s worse, they’ve totally neglected to design a website that works with mobile layouts. These businesses are going to need to learn to adapt, or else their competitors, who are focusing on mobile SEO in 2021, are going to pass them by.

3. Voice Search

More people than ever are using voice search on their google phones. A new medium for searching means a new set of keywords — just think of the differences between the way you walk and the way you type! SEO in 2021 is largely going to be a race to see who can crack the voice search SEO puzzle first.

4. Video Marketing

While words said in videos can’t be picked up by search engines, words used in video titles and comments can be. Google’s algorithm checks to make sure you’re not keyword spamming, and if you are, you’ll head straight to the bottom of the search results. How will people use titles and descriptions without overstuffing keywords? — only time will tell.

SEO Trends 2021

Let’s face it: if you want to succeed in the future, you have to learn the present’s biggest SEO trends. By familiarizing yourself with 2021’s most important trends, you’re setting yourself up for big success. Take into account retention, mobile SEO, voice search SEO, and video marketing, and you’re likely to leave your competitor’s in the dust.

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