4 Surprising Reasons Your Business Needs Translation Services

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    As the world becomes increasingly globalized, successfully culturally integrating your business to your client’s needs is essential. Maintaining relevancy in the socio-economic global village has never been easier since the introduction of translation services for business.

    Whether you are a large multinational, or a small company looking to grow its market share, finding a certified translation service is imperative to being successful. Don’t hinder your business potential by overlooking such a crucial aspect.

    Translation Services for Business

    International clients are increasingly looking for products and services that are relevant to their cultural norms, provided in their native tongues, and targeted to their local markets.

    Incorporating a translator for business into your company’s development strategy will positively influence your bottom line. These four reasons will help explain why translation services are necessary for growing your business.

    1. Open New Markets

    Without a certified translation service, your business will be stuck competing for market share in the same old domestic marketplace. According to the language learning service Babbel, only an estimated 20% of the world’s population speaks English.

    If your business only operates in English, this leaves 80% of the global marketplace untapped. Only a certified a translation service can make your product relevant to the non-English speaking segment of the world population.

    2. Target Specific Areas of the Marketplace

    If your business has expansion goals situated to a specific city or region in the global marketplace, translation services for business play a key role. Take Toronto for instance.

    Toronto is a very diverse city with over 30% of the population’s native langue being a tongue other than English or French. In fact, there are over 180 languages spoken in the city.

    Without translation services, your business would not be successful in such a diverse multinational city as Toronto. By utilizing one, you can be assured the city at large will get your message.

    3. Better Business to Business Communication

    If your business operates in conjunction with foreign partners, shareholders, or clientele, maintaining proper business to business communication is essential.

    Translation services for business allow your company to seamlessly interact with foreign partners on their terms and in their language. This will preserve the integrity of any foreign business interaction.

    4. Website Translation

    Business is increasingly internet-oriented, with a solid website being the flagship of any organization’s internet presence. If your website is only in English however, you are not getting the necessary exposure to the non-English audience.

    A translation service can easily translate your website, or help you understand a foreign organization’s page. An international business world calls for an internationally compatible website.

    Speak the Language of International Business

    As the world economy continues to grow, so must your business. To ensure that your business survives and thrives in these changing economic times, incorporate translation services for business.

    An international approach to business growth is impossible without the proper resources. Translators are and will continue to be one of these vital resources. For all of your other business information needs, make sure to check out the rest of our blog!