3 Reasons Why Buying a Prebuilt Gaming PC Is Better


    Did another DIY gaming PC bite the dust?

    Building a computer is a rewarding feat, but it’s frustrating when its performance comes up short.

    You need at least 8 gigabytes of RAM and one terabyte of drive space. That’s quite a bit of storage and memory, even for the average computer!

    Installing the wrong graphics card, hard drive, and processor is a nuisance but fixable. Plus, you can always upgrade your gaming software. However, some issues are beyond your control.

    Let’s explore more reasons for buying a prebuilt gaming PC over a DIY build.

    1. Save Money (and Reduce Human Errors)

    One of the primary reasons why gamers build PCs is to save money. Yet, is that really true?

    The bigger picture comes into view when you add up the costs of time, mistakes, and replacements.

    Building a gaming PC takes anywhere from two hours to two days, depending on experience. Worse yet, troubleshooting mistakes just prolongs the process. You also have to deal with unavailable parts, delayed shipping times, and fundamental quality control issues.

    Prices for certain gaming PC parts are soaring, especially GPUs. When you add up every part, you’ll be shocked to learn the actual price behind DIY.

    If you want to get up and gaming right away, prebuilt PCs come ready to play out of the box. Every system component is there, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. All you have to do is upgrade as needed with the latest gaming accessories.

    2. Prebuilt PCs Optimize the Gaming Experience

    If you don’t genuinely enjoy building computers, why waste time?

    Enjoy what you love doing most, and leave the tedious building process to the pros. Plus, you can easily upgrade prebuilt PCs to perform at their max capacities.

    Even better, prebuilt machines come in various colors, styles, sizes, and models. For inspiration, click here to view a range of prebuilt options with colorful components, cool translucent cases, and sleek designs.

    Plus, you never have to worry about performance issues. Arguably, one of the biggest challenges for gaming. If you’re streaming live with multiple players, a 3.0 GHz processor may not be enough.

    Instead, you can buy a prebuilt PC with a 3.8 GHz processor ready to go.


    • Reliable power supply
    • 500GB SSD cards
    • 8GB graphics card

    They also come with the latest Windows operating system, saving you an additional $130 to $310 dollars.

    Some prebuilt gaming PCs even come with lifetime tech support. This perk is a huge relief when you’re hosting a big gaming event at home.

    3. Buying a Prebuilt Gaming PC Comes With a Warranty

    Another problem with custom PCs is warranties. This issue is related to customer service, another perk missing from custom builds.

    Unlike prebuilt computers, DIY and custom builds don’t come with warranties. Therefore, if your PC is damaged due to issues beyond your control, you’re still responsible for replacing it.

    All you can do is claim warranties on individual computer parts if they’re even covered.

    Some custom PC building services may offer warranties. Read the fine print, though. Warranties should last for at least 12 months.

    Enjoy the Convenience of a Prebuilt PC

    Look at your last electronics receipt. Are you spending too much time and money repairing your PC than enjoying it?

    Experience the convenience of buying a prebuilt gaming PC. Enjoy extra perks like real tech support, warranties, and ambient designs.

    Follow the blog for even more tips to save!

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