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3 Pros and cons of Settling a Pedestrian Accident claim without a lawyer


Traffic gives us headaches and nervousness every day, do you agree? Careless drivers, chasing a fast life and obligations, often make a violation because pedestrians can get hurt. If it was you who had a traffic accident and were injured, I hope you understand that you can get a certain amount of money for that unfortunate event. There are two ways of collection, by going to court or by internal agreement. More than 95% of traffic accidents of this type are resolved by agreement between two people, of course, if there are no serious consequences. However, you have the legal right to receive money to cover the damage, maybe even more, depending on the damage that occurred. Of course, the simplest, fastest, and safest way to achieve this legal right is by hiring a lawyer, such as a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer. But there are more and more people who think they can handle this burden alone. If you are one of those people, in this text we will present you with 3 pros and cons of settling a pedestrian accident claim without a lawyer. So here we go!


  1. Less stress

Going to court brings a lot of tension and stress. When you file a claim, it’s never just one court visit and you’re done with it. On the contrary. You will have to appear in front of the judge and the court several times, thereby exposing yourself to additional stress. If you have just experienced a traffic accident, you need mental and physical recovery, with as little anger as possible. An out-of-court settlement can significantly reduce the level of stress.

  1. Greater probability of reaching a better settlement

You must be wondering how I, as an amateur in court, can do a better job than professionals like a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer. That’s not the point. In most cases, the court favors the injured party. If the court rules in your favor, your damages will be almost or in some cases 100% covered. Which means that you will not have additional expenses such as paying a lawyer, etc.

  1. Shortening the time to the outcome

In court, we all have our rights and obligations. So after the court verdict, the defendant has the right to appeal the final decision. If this happens, you understand that the process will take longer, depending on the amount of damage that has occurred. This means that even more nerves, money, and patience will be needed to try to get the best out of it. If you still decided on an internal agreement, this process takes short time, and what is perhaps most important, the other party cannot complain or file a claim.


  1. You may be deprived of a certain amount of money

The main reason why it is worth having a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer by your side is exactly this – the amount of compensation you receive. In most cases, the court makes such decisions that will fully cover the resulting damage. Of course, insurance companies provide money to cover costs, but often less than what you need.

  1. Denying the guilt by the accused

You know what happened and that you were injured in a traffic accident. However, without evidence, records, and the law, many defendants will not agree to pay the resulting damage. They think – if I don’t have to, I won’t. Would you like to be in this situation?

  1. Risk of longer waiting

If you do not know in the field of law or have not hired a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer, how will you know what the deadline is for going to the insurance company? Also, if you wait too long, you may miss the deadline for filing an appeal. If something of this type happens, you will be left without compensation, which is necessary for you in this situation.

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