3 IT Training Methods to Implement in the Coming Year


    It’s time to review each member of your IT team to make sure they are keeping up with their ongoing training. In the world of IT, you can never stop learning because technology always changes!

    Make sure that you’re choosing the right courses to invest your budget into. A recent survey found that about 70% of employees say that they don’t have all the skills they need to do their jobs!

    So how can you make sure your IT team is up to date on all their knowledge without wasting money? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about our 3 favorite IT training strategies that work!

    1. Pick the Guinea Pigs

    Are you considering transitioning one or more of your main programs or software to something different? The best way to introduce new technology is to pick a couple of your star team members and have them start learning the program first.

    Doing this has 2 benefits. First, you get to locate and repair any issues with the program early on with limited users. The second benefit is that you will have a few team members who already know the program and can help others when you roll out the program to the rest of the team.

    2. Refresh on Old It Training

    Have you noticed that most of the team still makes errors that you addressed in previous training? It might be time to revisit that topic!

    It’s possible that the last training did not do well at cementing the information or was confusing. So, be sure to come up with a new way to approach that topic this time.

    3. Lean Heavier on Software Development for the Whole Team

    One of the newest IT learning strategies this year is the shift towards software and away from hardware. With everyone moving to work from home positions, more and more of the workforce needs to use software programs.

    While this shift isn’t a huge stretch for your millennial new hires, your older team members may need a little extra boost in that knowledge department. As highlighted by Clarkston Consulting, adding software development skills to support digital transformation is critical to business success.

    Since the demand for software knowledge has skyrocketed, you may want to make company-specific software the focus of the entire team’s annual learning goals. This is one business trend we don’t see going away as the world returns to normal.

    Make Your Team’s Ongoing Education as Important as Your Bottom Line

    Learning and development is a huge focus of the IT department because of how fast technology can change. But, you can spend a ton of money on courses that don’t work well or don’t give your team the practical knowledge they need.

    Try using some of these strategies when deciding how to spend your training budget to ensure that each dollar is effective! The better you are at training the team, the better they’ll be at doing their jobs.

    We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about effective IT training strategies. If you’re looking for more great tips for running s successful business, check out the rest of our blogs today!

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