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10 Tips on Link Building to Follow for Small Businesses


Do you want high website traffic?

With millions of small businesses in the United States alone, achieving high search engine rankings is difficult. It needs both on-site and off-site SEO tactics to work. It’s difficult when you’re a startup since you have a limited budget.

With this guide, you’ll learn some valuable tips on link building. Read on and learn about the easiest ways to boost your website’s visibility now:

1. Link Reclamation

This method is the most straightforward link building strategy around. It’s available on any website. It involves reclaiming a broken or removed website backlink.

Lots of tools exist to find unlinked mentions across the internet. Use search operators to discover them. Check whether these pages link back to your business website.

Set up Google Alerts to your email address whenever another website mentions you online.

2. Broken Link Building

This strategy uses similar techniques as link reclamation. However, it focuses on broken backlinks from pages across the internet. Use topic research to discover troves of broken links.

You can use tools to look for keywords related to your industry. Use search operators to discover popular content publishers. Filter everything by 404 to find broken links.

Reach out to publishers notify them about the broken outbound link. Use this broken link building email template to make it easier. Tell them you can replace it with high-quality content.

3. Reverse Engineered Competitor Link Building

Use tools like Ahrefs to get a CSV file of your top competitors’ backlinks. Filter the spreadsheet using metrics you deem valuable to your link building campaign. Your objective is to learn why your competitors earned every link and do it better.

The Skyscraper technique works best with this method. It allows you to discover content for a keyword you want to rank for. After that, write something better to gain higher rankings.

4. Resource Link Building

This technique has a lower success rate since it uses manual outreach. However, the links often result in high-quality website traffic. It goes beyond passing website authority.

After finding suitable resource pages, contact authors and ask them to mention your business. Highlight your business’s value offer and ask for their qualifications.

Build a good relationship with these pages to increase your success rate. If they have an online community platform like forums or social groups, join in. Contribute interesting posts and comments to gain their approval and trust.

5. Give a Testimonial

Using this method results in a win-win situation. If you have partner businesses, say a few kind words about your experience.

It allows you to get a backlink from their website. In return, your partner company’s customers trust them more.

Everyone wins and gets more customers in the long run. It’s the reason testimonials get a higher approval rate compared to normal link requests.

6. Find Relevant Link Building Opportunities

The internet offers unlimited link building opportunities. Lots of websites, blogs, and forums exist for backlinking. They aren’t easy to find because of the sheer number of sites online.

Get a SERP research tool to find the most relevant results. Regardless of your chosen metric, these links are relevant to your industry. They also enjoy high authority.

7. Use Infographics

Regardless of your writing skills, some people can’t grasp information when it’s a wall of text. They better understand topics when presented visually.

Various people grasp information in different ways. Your business message must cater to a wider audience to grab their attention. It’s why a lot of small businesses use infographics for link building.

Infographics are more attractive because they’re more digestible. However, some people can grab them without linking to your website. To avoid this, use the Google reverse image search feature.

Ask the webmaster to link to you. In most cases, they’ll comply and mention your website. Warn them of consequences if they refuse.

8. Write a Good Guest Post

A lot of websites and blogs are willing to publish your article online. Ensure they’re related to your topic to maximize its value. Avoid using the post to tell everyone how great your company is.

Focus on quality, ensuring it’s professional, well-written, and interesting. A poor article can worsen your business reputation. A lot of consumers base their impression on your article’s quality.

Use the article to build links and help your website’s ranking increase. Get tools to evaluate a domain’s power and trust ratings. Avoid low-rated websites or blogs.

9. List Your Website in Reputable Directories

Many online directories offer no real value to most users. It’s the reason Google excluded them from its search results page. Never let these pages list your website since their reputation decreases your ranking.

Take note, not every online directory is bad. Great ones allow you to post a website link. They will also give useful information to potential customers.

Choose directories related to your business industry. A business listing on these websites allows search engines to index your site. It helps you maintain a healthier backlink profile.

10. Start a Blog

Never make a blog with only a single post and backlink. It’s a waste of time and can harm your link building efforts. Keep your blog alive to reap the benefits of backlinks.

Write posts regularly and focus on topics related to your industry. Think about your clients’ needs to ensure your content is useful. You’ll gain more authority when it’s well-structured.

Making high-quality blog posts is the only way other websites will link to them again and again. It’s the best way to earn great backlinks. Their effects can last for months or even years.

Learn More Tips on Link Building Now

These are some great tips on link building. Never let your business size prevent you from increasing your site ranking. Use these to ensure high website traffic in the long run.

However, creating SEO backlinks is only a component of your SEO strategy. Learn other methods to optimize your website for both people and search engines.

Do you need more helpful guides? Consider reading our other posts today.

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