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10 most beautiful roads around the world?


10 Beautiful roads around the world

Roads have been like vital arteries of our world since long ago. Today we see many flawless roads. Beautiful, creative and futuristic roads that our modern world depends on. If you enjoy riding, this article is for you. Join us to check 10 Beautiful roads around the world. 

10 most beautiful roads around the world? 

The most beautiful roads in the world have something special in common, i.e., the natural landscapes in them may be sea, beach, mountain, desert, etc. These roads usually include a lot of length or height. The beautiful roads of the world are usually very smart in terms of engineering. For this reason, they allow passengers to see sights by car that are not possible on normal roads. 

1) Atlantic Ocean Road 

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The Atlantic Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. This amazing road in Norway has become a tourist destination. The Atlantic Ocean Road is 8.3 km long, where you can enjoy the coastal scenery and Norwegian islands all along the way. This road is undoubtedly o The most beautiful road in Europe the most beautiful road in Europe with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. 

2) Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road 

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Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road is a familiar name for beauty for travel enthusiasts in Abu Dhabi. This beautiful road is 11.7 km long and you have to go through 60 turns to pass it. If you love wild land and desert areas, you will love watching this road. The route is adventurous and will add to the charm of the trip with its turns while you travel through the most beautiful roads around the world. Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road is something else. 

3) Tianmen Mountain Road 

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Tianmen Mountain Road is one of the natural beauties of China. This beautiful road is 11 kilometers long and is a route to Tianmen Mountain. Its 99 hairpin turns ensure you enjoy the trip to the fullest. If the excitement is not enough for you, you will enjoy the surrounding scenery. The engineering masterpiece of the road is designed to show off the green and mountainous scenery around. 

4) Highway 1, Big Sur 

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Highway 1 in Big Sur is one of the most beautiful roads around the world in California, USA. This road is also 145 kilometers along the ocean scenery. You can also enjoy the forest scenery by the ocean. Redwood forests are one of the beauties of America, which makes this road a favorite destination for tourists. 

5) Seven Mile Bridge 

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The Seven Mile Bridge adds another American road to this list, situated in the beautiful state of Florida. This beautiful coastal road is 11 kilometers long and offers visitors a unique view of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also responsible for connecting the islands of Knight’s Key and Little Duck Key. Even pedestrians can enjoy Most beautiful roads around the world. 

6) Karakoram Highway 

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The Karakoram Highway is indeed an engineering masterpiece. This road, which crosses the Karakoram Mountain range, is 1,300 kilometers long. This route enables China’s access to Pakistan. The view of this road is different from other roads. Because this road can be called the highest asphalt road in the world. Snowy mountains, valleys and natural glaciers are only part of the attraction of this road. 

7) Great Ocean Road 

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The Great Ocean Road is a beautiful coastal road in Australia. It is 243 kilometers long and offers views of the southern coast to visitors. Twelve Apostles is one of the natural attractions of the rock that is located on this route. In addition to its beauty, it is also an attractive destination for surfers and beach sports enthusiasts. 

8) Cap de Formentor 

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Cap de Formentor is one of the most beautiful roads in Europe. This Spanish Road is located in Mallorca. Its main view is towards the Mediterranean Sea. This 21 km long road is a popular destination for photographers. Because you will enjoy seeing a breathtaking view every second. 

9) Gateway to Mount Fitz Roy 

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The gateway to Mount Fitz Roy is also one of the most beautiful roads in the world. This road located in Argentina connects the mountains and the sea. Mountaineers who intend to climb Mount Fitz Roy use this road. The scenery of this road is so beautiful that you will hardly find anything like it. 

10) Passo Dello Stelvio 

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Passo Dello Stelvio is a legendary road in the beautiful Alps. We all know about the wonderful scenery of the Alps. This road is 2757 meters high and is full of views of snowy mountains, waterfalls and green valleys. Also, many cyclists and motorcyclists use this dream road every year. 

Final word 

There are many beautiful roads in the world. In this article, we introduced the best roads. These roads are so beautiful that you should visit them at least once in your lifetime. In addition, anyone with any taste can find the road they want. Whether you are from the sea or the desert, the beautiful roads of the world have something to offer. 

Alex Hales Work for BTM
Alex Hales Work for BTM
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