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Why You Should Outsource Graphic Design and How to Do It


Over 60% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that deliver unique, branded content. It only takes 10 seconds for someone to form an impression of your brand, though. With eye-catching graphic design, you can make a strong first impression.

Taking the DIY approach could waste valuable time, though. In fact, unappealing designs could scare away potential customers. You’ll fail to convey your brand message or value, too.

Instead, why not outsource graphic design to the pros? With graphic design services, you can accomplish your goals and draw in more customers.

Then, you can generate more leads, boost sales, and set your business up for success.

On the fence? Keep reading to discover the benefits of outsourcing graphic design. We even have tips on how to outsource graphic design to help!

Read on to learn more today.

Reasons to Outsource Graphic Design

Understanding the benefits of learning how to outsource graphic design could set your business up for success. Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t wait to hire graphic design services.

1. Boost Brand Awareness and Recognition

When people hear a message, they’re likely to remember only 10% of the information three days later. When the same message is paired with graphics, people can remember 65% of the information three days later.

Color is important to brand recognition, too. In fact, using a signature color can increase recognition by 80%.

Choosing to outsource graphic design services could give your brand the boost it needs. You can maintain brand consistency, which can boost awareness and recognition. It can take multiple appearances before people become aware of your brand, though.

With a professional graphic design company, you can make a strong first impression with potential customers. In time, they’ll start to remember and recognize your brand.

The next time they need your product or service, they’ll contact you directly for the help they need.

Without unique graphic design, however, you might not stand out. Consumers could struggle to remember you exist. You might struggle to draw in leads and sales as a result.

2. Unite Your Marketing Strategies

Eye-catching graphic design can help unite your marketing strategies, too.

Remember, brand consistency can help consumers remember your business. You can also use it to create a cohesive experience. Consumers can move from your designed digital ads to your website and easily recognize your business.

Without high-quality graphic design services, however, your marketing strategies could fall flat.

After all, consumers see hundreds of ads, websites, and social media posts every single day. You need to make sure your content stands out and stays true to your brand. With professional graphic design services, you can accomplish that goal.

Uniting your marketing strategies can lead consumers through the buyer journey. Your brand will become familiar, which can help them trust you.

Then, you can start converting more prospects into paying customers, improving your ROI.

3. Differentiate Your Business

Remember, consumers see hundreds of posts every single day. If your content doesn’t stand out, you’ll fall into the background. Consumers might decide to trust your competitors instead.

Don’t let that happen! Instead, consider unlimited graphic design services. You can use different pieces of content to stand out from the competition.

Consumers will start to recognize your distinct brand value. They could choose your business above the rest.

Building brand recognition is essential, too. The next time consumers need your product or services, they’ll remember your graphic designs. They won’t think about your competitors.

Instead, they’ll think of you first.

4. Save Time and Money

Trying to create eye-catching designs on your own could waste valuable time in your day. If you’re unfamiliar with design programs like InDesign, you could waste hours. Instead, outsource graphic design to the pros.

You can save time and money in the long run. Meanwhile, you can leverage the designer’s experience and expertise, too.

They’ll ensure your graphic design materials are eye-catching, bold, and true to your brand.

With their help, you can give your brand and marketing strategies a boost. Then, you can generate more leads, improve your ROI, and make more money!

5. Establish Your Credibility

Learning how to outsource graphic design services could help you communicate your distinct value. You can ensure your brand looks professional and credible, too.

Otherwise, your brand might look cheap, outdated, or low-quality.

Establishing your credibility could help brand trust grow. If consumers trust you, they’re more likely to shop from your brand. People will continue recognizing the distinct value you can offer, too.

In time, trust could grow into long-lasting brand loyalty.

Loyalty is sometimes worth 10 times as much as a single purchase. In fact, just a 2% bump in customer retention can reduce costs by 10%. Creating strong brand relationships can boost retention.

6. Leverage Emotions

You can also use graphic design to leverage the consumer’s emotions. For example, you can use color psychology to trigger certain feelings. Certain colors can trigger certain emotions.

Learning how to use color psychology to your advantage could help you generate more leads and sales.

7. Tell a Story

High-quality graphic design can also help you tell a story. Effective storytelling can benefit your marketing strategy in the long run. People are more likely to remember a distinct story, too.

You can decide what message you want to convey. Then, you can demonstrate your distinct value to stand out from competitors.

Without quality graphic design services, however, you might struggle to convey the right message.

How to Find a Graphic Design Company

There are now over 123,000 graphic design businesses and over 156,000 designers across the US. If you want to outsource graphic design services, it’s important to find the right team. Their experience and expertise can benefit your business in the long run.

Here are a few tips that can help you learn how to outsource graphic design for your business.

1. Establish Your Goals

Before you rush to find a graphic design agency, take a moment to consider your goals. Otherwise, you could choose a business that fails to accomplish those goals.

For example, do you want to:

  • Update your branding
  • Create new print materials (flyers, billboards, business cards, etc.)
  • Update your website
  • Boost brand awareness and recognition
  • Build brand trust and loyalty
  • Create social media content

Make a list of the goals you want to accomplish. Then, focus on finding a graphic design agency with the tools and experience to accomplish those goals.

2. Request Referrals

Talk with other business owners and marketing teams. Ask if any of them can recommend a graphic design agency. Then, ask about their experience with the agency.

Was the team professional? Did their talents meet the client’s expectations?

Learning from someone else’s experience can help you narrow down your options.

3. Look for Experience

Before you start outsourcing your graphic design needs, research each agency. Look for a long-established business. How long have they offered graphic design services?

Finding an established business will give you peace of mind. It’s likely they’ve learned a lot within that time. The company has likely earned the respect of its clients over the years, too.

A new graphic design company, on the other hand, might still have a few kinks they need to work out.

4. Consider Their Specialties

Ask each graphic design company about the services they offer. Then, consider their specialty.

For example, you might find a designer who only works on print materials. Some graphic designers have website experience, too.

Consider their plans as well. Do you need unlimited graphic design services or flat-rate graphic design services?

Make sure you understand what the company is capable of.

5. Review Their Portfolio

You can learn more about the company’s abilities by looking at its portfolio. Look at projects that are similar to your needs.

Do they meet your expectations? If not, scratch that company off your list.

You can check out graphic rhythm daily design to learn more.

6. Read Reviews

Read reviews about each graphic design company. You can check the Better Business Bureau website or their Google My Business listing.

You might find one or two negative comments. That’s normal. If the bad outweighs the good, however, scratch that company off your list.

7. Consider the Price

Before making your final decision, ask each graphic design company for a quote. Gather at least three quotes from talented agencies. Make sure you understand what’s included in the price.

For example, are you allowed to request edits? Will you need to pay a fee for each change?

Don’t choose the cheapest option you come across. Instead, take the time to review your notes. Then, you can outsource graphic design to the most talented team around!

Boost Your Brand: 7 Reasons to Outsource Graphic Design ASAP

Learning how to outsource graphic design services could give your business the boost it needs. Keep these benefits of outsourcing graphic design services in mind. Then, you can make a smarter decision for your business!

Looking for more helpful tips, tricks, and guides? We have you covered!

Check out our latest articles today for more helpful advice.

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