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Why Sleeping Is Great For Fitness And Exercise

Making a commitment to working out regularly is great, but it will not help your body grow and shape up if you aren’t doing the other things necessary to. You need to take time off to rest as this is where the magic happens – in recovery! When you rest, your reflexes become faster and you become stronger and leaner.

So, it is obvious that the recovery period has to be prioritized when following a training program. And by recovery, we don’t mean that you guzzle down a gallon of protein shake and get back to the gym instantly. It means you should put your feet up, rest and catch up on your forty winks. Yep, there’s no big secret to it just good a good nights sleep is for you.

Studies have shown that when you increase the duration and quality of your sleep, it results in improved mental well being and overall performance. Sleep is hands down the chief aspect of recovery, which is why you should pay more heed to it.

Sleeping your way to fitness – The Benefits

Muscle Regeneration

The growth hormone in humans is usually released when they’re fast asleep. Studies show that up to 60-70% of human growth hormone secretion takes place during early sleep every day.

Typically, this is when we go through the deepest sleep cycle. Poor sleep quality can affect the growth hormone levels in the human body. This is why when we get quality sleep, our body is at its best with regards to repairs and growth.

Burning of fat

Well, it is a fact that we burn more calories if we stay awake longer given the number of activities we can cram into our schedule. However, the efficient burning of fat takes place when we are asleep.

Studies conducted have proven that individuals who sleep less than six hours every night have rather weak resistance to insulin. If you cannot manage your insulin levels, you’ll see that you’re struggling to try to lose fat.

Rejuvenating the brain

A type of neurotransmitter, adenosine, produces ATP which is the molecule that stores energy and supplies power to most of the biochemical reaction that takes places within the cells. When we stay awake for a long time, the levels of adenosine in the brain increases.

This results in us being less alert which basically means that our brain is tired. Sleeping decreases these levels and gives our system more energy to function.

With fitness in question, resting the brain is implied obviously. Your level of motivation is the highest when you are alert. This is why, when you’re well rested you will be more alert and will be able to have a very refreshing and energetic workout session.

You don’t have to take our word for it, your personal trainer in Liverpool Street will tell you the exact same thing.

Increasing The Quality Of Your Sleep And Its Duration

Studies have shown that adults who work out daily should get up to 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night. Additionally, they should also try to squeeze in a 30-minute nap between 2 to 4 pm.

This might be difficult for people who work full-time but with a bit of commitment, this can be done. Take to your car for half an hour or claim the couch for a catch up on your sleep. If none of this works out, practice dozing off at your desk.

Improving the quality of your sleep is very important. You should eliminate all the disturbances and create a calm and peaceful environment to sleep in. You can try wearing earplugs and eye masks as well and see if it adds to your overall sleep quality and duration.

A good routine that precedes sleep time is also important. Set your phone aside an hour before bedtime. Cool showers are also recommended before sleeping as it helps maintain body temperature making it easy for you to relax.

When you commit to getting fit, give sleeping and exercise equal importance. Create a routine that works for you and at the same time experiment with ways to enhance the length and quality of your sleep.

When you give sleeping an equal priority, you’ll see better results more quickly and improve your overall health and well-being. This will get you closer to your fitness goals a whole lot faster.

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