Why is Video Marketing Deemed as the Best Lead Generation Tool of this Century?

These days, generating leads is vital to take your business forward, however, doing so isn’t easy as potential customers don’t show interest in products and services so easily. To put it briefly, reaping benefits through the lead generation process has become a grueling job. Well, this can’t be used as an excuse when there’s a wish to expand the business. Usually, multinational companies avail lead generation services from reputed vendors to cut all the unnecessary hassle. While businesses, right from startups to medium-sized enterprises, try their luck by handling the lead generation operations on their own.

If we talk about the most effective lead generation tactics, video marketing is the name that is worthy to be taken. The salience of video marketing is on the pinnacle because this technique can really help to amplify the availability of leads in the sales funnel. At the present time, 60% of established lead generation service providers use videos to exhilarate the lead conversion rate, while 53% of them to take the help of videos for the sake of seamless lead nurturing process.

According to the latest industry reports, 80% of leads will be generated through video marketing in 2021.

For marketers, videos are the favorite content medium as they help to draw the attention of netizens. Here are different types of videos that can be used to pile up the leads:

1.    Explainer Videos

To get a quality lead in the sales pipeline, it is imperative to explain your products/services in and out, as this could draw the interest of potential customers. In this case, it would be very fruitful to come up with compelling product-explainer videos. By means of captivating explainer videos, prospects can get an idea about the looks and functioning of products, which as a positive repercussion, leads to a quick purchase decision.

Besides having detailed information, product-explainer videos should also have humor because if prospects find videos boring or lose interest in the middle, they are likely to call them off. This will affect the whole lead generation process for sure.

The significance of product-explainer videos shouldn’t be taken for granted because 65% of potential customers accessing information on desired products and services online are visual learners.

Thus, it is vitally important to do your best while creating explainer videos.

2.    Whiteboard Videos

While employing video marketing technique for lead generation, it is significant to try your hands in developing whiteboard videos, as they can help to get a lot of leads in the sales pipeline. Whiteboard videos always help in the pursuance of lead generation, although they don’t much differ from explainer videos.

Whiteboard videos are primarily focused on a specific advantage of products/services and explain it in an elaborated manner. While explainer videos uncover all advantages of products or services at once and tell how they are going to be a good purchase.

By and large, customers prefer whiteboard videos as they want to learn about products/services without having any doubts in mind.

3.    How-to Videos

After purchasing products from the company, customers sometimes get confused while using some specific function or feature. At that time, they take the help of the internet and try to clear all confusion on their own. But the factor that drives them up the wall is reading lengthy write-ups on the company’s website.

This is where the importance of how-to videos soars as they provide one-stop solutions in an easy-peasy manner. Besides securing high customer satisfaction, they can help in generating leads. Surprised? Barring uploading videos on the company’s website, if the links of how-to videos get shared on social networking platforms, prospects on SM sites can learn how your brand takes of customers after-sales. As a corollary, this tempts them to be part of your brand. Hence, you get more leads in the sales pipeline.

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to comprehend that interested prospects can easily be converted into new customers.

4.    Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are another way to fill up the sales funnel. Besides generating leads in a seamless manner, they help to improve the lead conversion rate. This is so because testimonial videos show the gratification level of those customers who had shown interest and purchased products/services earlier.

Another plus point of testimonial videos is that they don’t want you to be ultra-creative, as a simple video recording of customers telling happily about their experience with products/services is enough.

Once testimonial videos are created, all you need to do is share them on social media platforms so as to draw the attention of prospects out there. It would be a very bad move if you rule out the prominence of testimonial videos as they show the happiness of current customers, unlike other videos that are just focused on the benefits of products/services.


Tips To Keep In Mind While Using Video Marketing for Lead Generation

Well, above-listed types of videos are definitely going to help you while generating leads, but there are some other things you need to take into account for the sake of increasing the probability of generating leads. Here are a few tips that worthy to be kept in mind:

1.    Gate Your Compelling Content

By all means, video marketing is a good technique to generate leads, but it also takes a lot of effort in return. Hence, it is salient to make most out of your created videos, and for that, you need to gate them. Gating your content simply means asking for pertinent information like name and email address to prospects. Gathering such vital information is crucial for a seamless lead nurturing process which further paves the way for easier conversions.

It is significant to remember that all types of content like infographics, short videos, etc. cannot be gated as this would only make things tougher for you.

An ideal practice says to show lead nurturing form after the first 20% of videos because prospects won’t mind giving their contact information if they find videos interesting and worthy to be watched till the end.

According to the latest emerging reports, companies see a rise of 42% in their lead conversion rate if the lead nurturing form appears at the interval of videos.

2.    Create a video series

Every type of video plays a pivotal role in generating leads, but it is imperative to comprehend that one-off videos sometimes create a chaotic situation for prospects as understanding a lot of information at once isn’t easy, right?

Therefore, creating a video series is necessary. Plus, you can maintain potential customers’ interest in your products/services by revealing new benefits with every video. In case you don’t want things long-drawn-out, aim for 5-episode series.

To cover all your bases, you should promote your created video services on social media platforms, especially YouTube.

Apart from all of this, you can also go live on SM sites and engage with prospects directly. This can really be good for your sales funnel.

3.    Add CTA buttons

In order to maximize the number of leads in the sales pipeline, it is prominent to take care of every small thing. By and large, companies handling the lead generation process make a silly mistake of not adding CTA (call-to-action) button at the end of the videos.

Adding CTA buttons at the end is an essential aspect of video marketing. Sometimes, potential customers get impressed by videos and want more information about products/services. In case CTA buttons are not there, the possibility of losing prospects will increase. This isn’t good if you want to witness a surge of leads in the sales pipeline. The reason behind why the salience of CTA buttons is so high is that they help to generate 20% leads.

All in all, leveraging the power of CTA buttons is paramount for a seamless lead generation process.

Final few words:

Video marketing technique can unlock several lead generating opportunities as visual content attracts prospects most. By virtue of compelling videos, you not only generate quality leads but also convert them with aplomb. These days, video content has solid advantages over text one, thus, it is crucial to be focused while making videos.

Alluring videos help you in many scenarios, such as:

  • Aid in securing a better return on investment (ROI).
  • Act as a perfect medium to convey a brand message to maximum prospects.
  • Uplift brand awareness.
  • Pave the way for incredible promotion of products and services.
  • Establish the bond of trust with the targeted audience.

And an amalgamation of video and social media marketing can guarantee phenomenal business growth.

Thanks for reading!


Author Bio: Rahul Garg, a content writer, has been working at Go4Customer for a year. He is passionate about exploring call centre services and technologies. As far as other hobbies are concerned, he loves to watch psychological thrillers in movies, listen to retro music, play racing games, etc. We like to underline the fact that he never compromises with the quality of his write-ups, no matter which situation he is in. Drop him a line at rahul.garg@cyfuture.com

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