Why Is Endpoint Security So Important to Small Businesses?

Bad stuff is bound to happen to your company’s computers. Your endpoint security strategy should be focused on reducing distraction so your business, IT, and security teams can focus on more important tasks. Your business should move forward by increasing productivity by encouraging an environment of creativity, inspiration, and innovation.

Security threats are constantly changing and evolving. Endpoint security isn’t just reserved for corporations and enterprises. Small businesses and startups should make use of endpoint security for their own security efforts. The right endpoint security can help your business defeat modern threats before they happen.

IT professionals want more agility so they can reduce daily distractions and focus on more important things. Security teams also want better insight so when potential risks do happen, they can investigate the source and respond to reduce the impact. Here are 5 reasons why endpoint security is important to small businesses.

Your Company’s Value Thrives on Endpoints

Fifty percent of your company’s value relies on endpoints. Intellectual Property (IP) makes up 80% of your company’s value. Studies have shown that 60% of your organization’s data is created and stored onto these endpoints. That means 50% of your company’s value lives on computer desks, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. That’s why it’s important to have endpoint security installed and updated across all of your devices.

Losing Intellectual Property Destroys Growth

Two-third of executives have found that losing ideas or Intellectual Property can prevent the growth of your business. It has become the top priority of 60% of CEOs, and most of that growth is stemmed from these ideas. Whether you write business plans, contracts, customer lists, or roadmaps, each of those ideas created on your endpoints become the heart of your organization’s growth strategy. Your company’s success is defined by your ability to create these ideas faster than your competition can. You can save most of these ideas onto your company’s computers.

Organizations’ Ideas Run on Endpoints

Some of your most vulnerable ideas and the information is stored onto these endpoints. From acquisitions to mergers and litigation to user errors, the loss of these ideas or IP are becoming more at risk. Research has shown that 70% of data loss originated on these endpoints. Since your IP and ideas are the core component of your company’s growth strategy, it’s important to use endpoint security to protect them. This will reduce your chances of a data breach or cyber attack.

Protecting Endpoint Data Boost IT Agility

Protecting everything that’s saved to your endpoints can increase IT agility. By backing up all of your data, IT professionals can reduce the time it takes to refresh all of this data. They are removed from the equation by never having control of the end user’s device. They can even incorporate the use of self-service IT tools that make migration and end user file restore easier. This increases more time for your IT team to focus on more important tasks.

Provides Security Team Actionable Intelligence

Your security team want more actionable intelligence. It’s becoming difficult to tell the difference between material risk and non-material risk. With end user data, your security team can receive insights on lifecycle files and user activity on the corporate network. This insight leads to faster to respond to potential threats.

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