Why Body Fat Scales Are Essential for Health and Fitness


Weight management is incredibly important in the average person’s overall health. Obesity and overweight are becoming serious concerns throughout the entire world, with the US alone having an obesity rate of 41.9%.[1] When it comes to losing those extra pounds, having an effective way to identify body fat percentage is incredibly important.

Body fat scales help individuals understand their physical condition and how well their weight loss plans work. It helps track a fitness program and can serve as a motivational element when the numbers start to drop.

What Can a Body Fat Scale Do?

  1. Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis

Body fat scales take the foundation of the more traditional scales that people used to keep in the bathroom and add additional functions that deliver more comprehensive data. These scales can provide data regarding 13 different body compositions. This includes factors like body fat percentage, BMI, and much more.

  1. Insights for Health and Fitness Goals

The body fat scale calculates BMI based on weight and height, roughly indicating whether weight is within a healthy range relative to height. Excessive fat can affect health. The scale can also help us know body fat percentage, so we can reference this value.

  1. Tracking Body Data

Many of the modern smart body scale options tend to include Bluetooth and other wireless functions. This allows the scale to connect with the user’s smartphone, which syncs their data with the health app on their mobile device. By connecting to these apps, data can be stored and accessed later.

  1. Personalized Health Monitoring

Ultimately, the body fat scales provide a method of personalized health monitoring. The user can use the scale and smartphone apps to create a customized plan and improve their overall fitness routines. Many people ask how smart scales measure body fat – and the key here lies in the electrodes used, along with handlebars that come with many modern options.

Motivational Features for Health and Fitness

Body fat scales can be a visual reminder of a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Daily Reinforcement: By regularly monitoring the body composition points that the scale covers, the user can use it as a daily reinforcement.
  2. Positive Feedback: When the user sees that their body fat percentage is lowering, they will get positive feedback that can significantly contribute to their motivation.
  3. Behavior Modification: As users track their progress, they can change their behavior and lifestyle to see better results.

Smart Body Fat Scale FG2001WB-A from Welland

There are several options available when looking at body fat scales from Welland. This post introduces you to the FG2001WB-A, with an elegant design. This smart body fat scale has 8 high-precision sensors that allow users to professionally measure from hand to foot.

There is an invisible LED display, a handlebar, and it uses a dual-frequency BIA measurement to provide highly accurate measurements. Users can get a body composition analysis report with an app connection. These body fat scales measure 300mm by 300mm, making them great for bathrooms with limited space.

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Overview of Welland

Welland is a professional manufacturer with years of experience developing high-quality equipment that helps people weigh themselves with a superior level of accuracy. Welland has an online production initial pass yield rate of more than 98% and a defective rate from Amazon that is less than 3%, which is quite significant compared to some suppliers today. They also focus on using an advanced and efficient internal project management system, which helps to ensure all of the scales they produce comply with the user’s expectations and needs. Across the US and European regions, Welland’s smart body fat scale hit the number-one selling spot in 2023.


With body fat scales, customers can get more data on their composition and determine if their efforts are really paying off. Welland can help brands with customized solutions that promote sales and customer retention. Learn more about these services and what they can do for your brand.


[1] Adult Obesity Facts. Available at: https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html