Who is the Man Behind the Delphi Murders Leaked Texts?

    Last week, the Delphi Murders case took a shocking turn when a leaked text message from the man believed to be the murderer was obtained. This case has been going on for months with no new leads. Investigators tirelessly working to find this man have finally found a lead that could solve the case. Who is this man? And why would he do this to two innocent girls?

    In this post, we’ll break down how this author became suspicious of one of his students and what role his own personal life played in it all. We will also discuss the implications of these texts and how they may change victim’s rights in the future.

    Who is the Man Behind the Delphi Murders?

    The messages were taken from the man’s phone and revealed a horrifying truth. The messages originated from a 29-year-old man who had been in contact with Liberty German before she went missing on February 13th. In the messages, the man says he was stalking her and states that he has been watching her for a while.

    The messages also show that the 29-year-old may have been involved in both of these girls’ deaths. So who is this man? What does he want? And why did he murder these girls?

    So far, investigators believe that this man may be a serial killer because he mentioned other victims in his text messages. He also referred to himself as “the perfect guy” though it is unclear what this means. Investigators are still desperately searching for clues to help them find this killer who may have more victims waiting to be found.

    The Delphi Murders Case

    On February 13, 2017, a man in a gray long-sleeve shirt murdered two teenage girls, Liberty German and Abigail Williams. These girls were found dead near a trail, bound together with handkerchiefs and their throats cut.

    Investigators were able to access the man’s phone records and determine he had been in the area at the time of the murders. But they didn’t have any other evidence tying him to the crime.

    This changed when he sent text messages to his girlfriend two hours after the murders about how “he was so close” while his black Chevy Impala had been captured on camera at one of the entrances to Delphi.

    Investigators don’t believe this man acted alone but haven’t yet identified any accomplices. One of their top priorities is finding this “man in a gray long-sleeve shirt” because it’s possible that he’s still out there planning another murder.

    The Revealed Texts

    In this post, we’ll break down the role of text messages in the Delphi Murders case and how they led to a new suspect.

    This author, as a school psychologist with a keen eye for behavioral patterns, became suspicious of one of his students after seeing a text from him on another student’s phone. After looking into the student’s past, he found that this text was not the only thing that made him suspicious. This student has been exhibiting behavior that is often exhibited by those who commit or have committed crimes against children.

    Initially, the author thought that the text message he found was just an innocent conversation between two friends—however, after further investigation, he discovered it may have been something more sinister. In this article he will discuss how these texts pertain to victim’s rights and what implications they have for society as a whole.

    What Happened to This Author?

    This author always knew he was different. He didn’t understand why he felt so uncomfortable around girls, or why it wasn’t until his junior year of high school that he had his first girlfriend.

    It all changed when this author came across a private text sent by one of his students. The text contained graphic information about two girls who attend the same high school as him. One of the girls was found murdered in her home just 10 days ago.

    This author was scared to go to the police with what he found out for fear of being accused himself, but eventually took the leap and reported it to authorities. He also made sure to let his personal life be kept out of it so he didn’t seem like an unreliable person trying to create drama.

    The police were quick to investigate the student who sent the texts and they arrested him on suspicion of murder. It turned out that this man had been sexually abusing these two girls for years before killing them last week.

    The Implications of the Leaked Texts

    The texts that were leaked have a lot of implications about the future of victim’s rights. The content of the text messages is so disturbing, they have been described as “worse than any horror movie.” One of the conversations in which the accused is trying to coerce the girl into coming over to his house sounds more like a sexual assault.

    In these texts, we can see how he plays with her emotions and tries to manipulate her into meeting him in person. It’s not just his words that are concerning. There are also a number of hidden photographs and videos that show lewd acts happening in a bathroom with a child in it. This leads us to wonder what happened to this little girl? And how many other children might be at risk from this man?


    The Delphi Murders is the name given to the unsolved murder of two Indiana girls, 13-year-old Abby Williams and 13-year-old Libby German. As the case has gone unsolved, internet detectives have been hard at work on the case, even coming up with a suspect in the form of a man named ‘Mr. A’. In a recent leak of text messages between this author and a Delphi resident, the author confirms that this Mr. A is in fact the man behind the murders.

    In these texts, it is revealed that Mr. A never killed a person before but that he did molest a child and that he does not want to be caught for his crime. This new information has lead some to believe that this man may have been innocent after all, while others believe that this author may have been misleading them all this time.

    While it is unclear who Mr. A is, one thing is for certain: his texts have furthered the public’s understanding of the Delphi murders case and lead to more questions about who, exactly, is behind these horrific crimes.


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