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When you need Strong Magnets

Most likely, you are already using magnets for a lot of purposes in your business. Whether it is for sticking invitations, reminders, or photographs onto your workspace or sticking a fridge magnet itself, magnets are a part of our daily lives. However, magnets are not simply objects that can stick all these things to a metal surface – it has far more utility than that. Magnets, especially strong magnets such as Neodymium magnets help you to solve a wide range of problems.  

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Uses of strong magnets

Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets in the world. Due to their strength, even tiny pieces of these magnets are effective. They are versatile and are put to a wide range of industrial uses. A lot of the everyday objects we use such as a smartphone contains a neodymium magnet. Ever since the creation of the first neodymium magnet, it has found its way into various industries such as electrical motor manufacturing, medical sciences, and renewable energy.

Without the use of such strong magnets, most of the recent technological and industrial advancement would have been impossible.

Neodymium magnets are used for various purposes such as:

Hard disk drives

HDD records data through magnetisation and demagnetisation on a thin film of ferromagnetic material on a disk. Every disk is divided into several tracks and sectors. Each sector has numerous tiny individual magnetic cells that are magnetised by the drive’s read/write head while data is written to the drive. Strong magnets are also used in the actuator that moves the read/write head into position

Audio equipment

Most audio equipment such as microphones, acoustic pick-ups, headphones, and loudspeakers use permanent magnets along with a current-carrying coil that converts electricity into mechanical energy. This energy moves the speaker cone, which in turn, changes the pressure of the surrounding air creating sound. In the case of microphones, the process is reversed. A diaphragm attached to a coil of wire sits within a permanent magnet and when the sound moves the diaphragm, the coil also moves. The movement through a magnetic field creates an electrical signal that has the characteristics of the original sound.


Small neodymium magnets are used for attachments in curative devices or for holding together replacement dentures. Their strength renders even the tiny neodymium magnet highly effective. A coating also increases the corrosion resistance.

Magnetically coupled pumps 

These pumps have a motor-driven shaft with an attached ring of powerful magnets along with a smaller ring of magnets attached to another shaft. This shaft is attached to the impeller that lies within the larger ring of magnets. When the motor turns the driveshaft and one set of magnets, the resulting magnetic field turns the other set of magnets which then powers the impeller.

Door catches  

Neodymium magnets are used in public, commercial, and residential buildings to create magnetic door catches. There are countersunk or pot magnets dug into the surface of a door to attract another wall-mounted magnet or steel disk. Strong magnets can hold the weight of a door and the leverage offered by the door makes it easy to separate them.

Apart from the above, there are numerous other business uses for strong magnets. If you are looking for bulk quantities of strong magnets at affordable prices, you can find a wide range here.


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