Tips Your Printing Company Can Use To Attract New Customers


    Technological changes have continued to create new opportunities and challenges. Businesses are also embracing this change and using it to increase profits. If you have a printing business that’s still clinging to past methods, you’re already losing, or you’ll lose your customers to other tech-savvy print shops who’ll serve their needs.

    To attract customers in the digital age, you need to know some tips. These may range from offering digital services to including digital printing. Many tech-savvy printing shops like Crystal Signs and Print are already offering such services.

    This article highlights some tips that your printing company can use to acquire new customers.

    1. Email Campaigning

    If you have a direct mailing program, you’re a step ahead of many printing shops. However, to increase your revenue, you require drip email campaigns. These campaigns can help you to keep your clients abreast with your services. They’re activated when a prospect enters an email address into an online form.

    1. Metallic Finishes

    Offering metallic finishes can also help you to acquire more clients and retain the existing ones. Furthermore, it can also include a new standard of artistry in your products. You can offer them through printed metallic surfaces and metallic ink.

    Research shows that using metallic effectively can help you to achieve your ROI and boost your billings. They also cost little but offer high value to customers. These finishes may also help you get clients in the beverage and cosmetic industries.

    1. Mail Tracking

    Mail tracking is an excellent way of knowing whether your email campaigns have reached your customers and prospects. They give you a way of doing a follow-up. They’re cheap to acquire and implement. Moreover, some USPs provide intelligent mail barcodes for free. Through these USPs, you can get feedback from the clients to improve your services.

    The information they relay is easy to read and interpret, and the software they use is simple and accessible. If you’d like your printing shop to serve people within a wide geographical area, you want to install a mail tracking system.

    1. Digital Partnerships

    Because many clients are looking for digital solutions, printing companies feel overwhelmed. To serve many people, these companies need to establish expensive equipment. If you own a small business, acquiring such equipment may be difficult.

    You can overcome this problem by partnering with other printing agencies. That way, when you’re unable to offer some services, the other agencies can offer them to your client and give you a commission. You don’t have to establish such a partnership physically, but you can connect through digital platforms.

    1. Partner With Event Planners

    Most often, event planners will need to send invitations to their guests to attend a party or any other event. If it’s local, they may even require posters and billboards. Printing quality invitation cards for these guests can market you positively and get you more customers.

    Research indicates that corporate gatherings or events publicized using quality paper feel luxurious and may attract high-end visitors.

    Bottom Line

    As technology keeps evolving, it’s essential to look for new ways of attracting new customers. The good old ways may still work well, though they need to be complemented with modern ways.