When does kidney transplantation required?

When does kidney transplantation required?

What is meant by Kidney transplantation?

Kidney transplantation is a procedure in which a failed kidney is replaced with the functioning kidney. In this process, a kidney from a live or deceased person is taken and transplanted to the person who is suffering from the problem.Kidney being an important organ of the human body which filters the impurities present in the blood, so it is essential to have a kidney transplantation incase of the failure kidneys. Even though if two kidneys are not functioning properly, still only one kidney, can do the filtering process.

What is the necessity of kidney transplantation?

Kidney transplantation is necessary, in order to treat the failed functioning of kidneys, which is also normally referred to as end-stage disease. There are two ways to treat this issue of kidney failure that is either dialysis or kidney transplantation. However, the former deals with removal of waste that is present in the blood. The later one will allow functioning normally as before, but at a fraction of normal capacity.

How much is the kidney transplantation cost in India?

Kidney transplant cost in India ranges between USD 10,000 to USD 14,000 approximately in most of the popular hospitals. Kidney transplantation is done with the modern equipments which are designed according to the latest technology and skilled doctors. However, the entire cost is just not only for the treatment, but also the expenses of other things that are included in the list such as medications, accommodation and other facilities.

What are the causes of kidney failure?

Kidneys stop functioning properly and create a problem to the individual; it is due to certain reasons that cause it. They can be stated as:

  •         Chronic Diabetes
  •         Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  •         Chronic Glomerulonephritis
  •         Polycystic kidney disease

Though, the above mentioned are the serious causes that lead to malfunctioning of the kidneys, still it can be controlled and treated with the help of healthy diet along with proper medication. At the same time treatment need to be taken for the cause that is creating kidney disease. Even taking all these necessary steps, if still this problem persists then the individual needs to take the doctor’s advice upon which they can go for kidney transplantation, if donor is available.

Who are not eligible to undergo kidney transplantation?

In certain cases, where individuals are having other health issues apart from the kidney failure, are not eligible to undergo kidney transplantation. These are:

  •         People with some types of cancer are not allowed for kidney transplantation
  •         Lung infections
  •         Tuberculosis
  •         People suffering with liver diseases
  •         Individuals who have heart issues
  •         People suffering with any other type of serious diseases are also not eligible.

What can be the complications faced after kidney transplantation?

Kidney transplantation will become successful in most of the people who are going through this treatment, but in some cases, there will be some types of complications that a patient need to undergo after the surgery. These complications can be stated as:

  •         Clots in the blood
  •         Bleeding
  •         Leaking or blockage in the ureter
  •         Some types of infections in the patient are observed
  •         Cancer, which is transmitted from the donor kidney
  •         Donor kidney failure
  •         Heart attack
  •         Sometimes even leads to death

The above are the most threatening complications, however all these are not the result of failure of surgery, but only due to the reason that donors kidney is unable to set with the host body in some of the cases. In other cases, that are transmitted diseases such as cancer, will be the result as the donor was suffering with those diseases. So, it is advisable to check for any type of health issues a donor is facing during the kidney transplantation, if so it is necessary to take the advice of experienced doctors, who will be helping through the situation.

How kidney transplantation does take place?

In kidney transplantation surgery, as in any others, the patient is given general anaesthesia at the same time doctors will check out the heart rate, BP along with blood oxygen level throughout the transplantation time. In this process, the kidney of the donor is placed in the lower abdomen part of the host, and the kidneys that are failed are not removed from the body. The blood vessels of the donor kidney are linked to the abdomen of the patient, while the ureter is connected to the bladder of the patient.

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