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What To Know Before Grocery Shopping At Walmart

Walmart is a giant one-stop superstore where you can step in and pick a TV, new curtains for your room, a pair of new socks, or a gallon of milk. As they have an already low pricing strategy, it’s pretty easy to stick to a budget in Walmart. And, if you are planning to grab your groceries from a nearby store of this budget chain, they will surprise you with their efficiency and services. That being said, you can employ some tips to get even lower prices than what’s advertised. 

So, here we are going to spotlight six things every shopper should know before grocery shopping at Walmart.

There Is An Overage Policy

Just like most grocery stores, Walmart accepts coupons from wherever you find them- from a local grocery store checkpoint, local paper, or brand’s website. The thing that’s unique about Walmart’s budget chain is that they have an overage policy. Under this policy, if the face value of the coupon is higher than the price of the commodity, they will deduct the full value of the coupon. They apply the deducted value as a credit to the rest of your shopping cart. 

For example, if a coupon says you get fruits for a maximum value of $7.99, and Walmart sells fruits at $6.99, you would get an overage of a dollar. The amount you saved would be applied to the rest of your purchases.

You Can Order The Groceries For Delivery And Pickup

Walmart makes it easy to get the food for you and your family without any hassles. You don’t have to push around a shopping cart in a jam-packed store while keeping your kids from peeking into the toys section. Instead, you can use the Walmart app to make your shopping list. Once you’ve added the items to your cart, choose a time slot that works for you, and drive to the nearby Walmart store for the pickup.

What’s more, you won’t have to get out of your car. An associate would bring the groceries, as well as load the items into your vehicle. Several Walmart locations across America also deliver the groceries to your door. You can order the delivery even up to 5 to 6 days in advance. So, if you have a few busy days leading up to Friday’s evening party, you can shop whenever you have time earlier in the week.

Walmart Matches For Online Grocery Orders

Walmart was once the king of price matching. But, they no longer price match the in-store prices from the competitors. However, they still price match on the Walmart.com. If you find Walmart flyers in Canada and find a grocery item on sale at the online retailers, you can contact Walmart via their customer care number. Remember, the items you see must be identical in size, color, model, brand, and quality.

Check Online Before You Move To The Stores

When it comes to groceries and packaged food items, you may find the best deals on Walmart.com or Walmart flyers in Canada. If this is the case, Walmart would love to price match what you saw online. Just pull up the items in your online cart, and show it to the cash counter during the checkout.

Shop For Frozen Meat In The Morning

An early bird catches the worm, and in this case, frozen meat! Visit the Walmart store before noon to find the best-discounted prices on meat items. The reason is the stores markdown the meat that is nearing their ‘expiry’ date in the morning. However, the exact time may vary from store to store. So, check with your store’s meat department to know when you should shop.

Lookout For Yesterday’s Baked Goods

Walmart sells yesterday’s baked goods at a reduced price the following day. Stop by the bakery and check out what’s in stock before the offers run out. Even if you aren’t going to eat these foods today, these are some of the best foods to freeze.

So, if you are planning to visit the Walmart store for shopping grocery items, keep these things in mind.


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