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What is voluntary disclosure program?

Taxpayers may avert some hassles (including such audit reports or even penalties by the state jurisdictions) related to taxes owed to the state through taking preventative measures and bringing themselves into accordance with the norms and policies governing state and local taxes. This procedure is referred to as “Voluntary Disclosure.”

In this article, I will guide you to answer the question of what is VDP and how it can help you as a taxpayer.

The Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP): What’s the purpose of this program?

The Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) assists all taxpayers, including applicants who come forward proactively, to correct mistakes and inaccuracies within their financial files first before CRA notices or approaches it.

Furthermore, voluntary disclosure would be the practice of declaring previous tax obligations for every state-mandated tax. These taxpayers may engage in settlements privately and pay their taxes knowingly and willingly with lower penalties or even no financial penalties. The state provides a narrower lookback time while under the Voluntary Disclosure, during which it will charge the taxes. The service enables people to apply for taxation and helps them settle what they owe the country.

Who can make an application on VDP?

When taxpayers have a reporting need for a state-mandated tax but are not affiliated with the jurisdiction, they can qualify for the VDP. Additionally, this individual must’ve not reported receiving notification from the government (including notification or even a nexus examination) about tax filing or possessing nexus with the region.

When an applicant is affiliated with the jurisdiction yet fails to submit tax returns and submits compensation to the jurisdiction, they are not qualified for the VDP. A citizen that has been notified by the jurisdiction about a tax obligation and possible total liabilities, as described earlier, is indeed not qualified to be part of the Voluntary Disclosure program.

Are you qualified?

The Voluntary Disclosure Program gets submissions from a broad spectrum of taxpayer citizens and registrants seeking to address different tax matters. Here are some examples. When you identify yourself with these circumstances, you might consider taking full benefit of the VDP’s merits:

  • The taxpayer had not submitted the prior year’s tax return, and it had become past due.
  • Unreported or underrepresented earnings on a previously filed tax form
  • The taxpayer reported incorrect expenditures on the tax return.
  • There have been no employee source charges filed (for instance, retirement plans and worker’s compensation expenditures)
  • There was a failure to submit the necessary information reports. (For instance, Form T1135, entitled “Certificate of Verification of Foreign Revenue”)
  • The Goods and Services Tax and the Harmonized Sales Tax were not assessed, levied, or recorded for every reported quarter.
  • Records stated that GST or HST inputs tax breaks, returns, or reimbursements were available when they were not.
  • In a filing for the accounting periods, reports supplied insufficient data.

Advantages & Punishments

For taxpayers, some of the advantages of a VDP Voluntary Disclosure program include restricted lookback intervals and, in most cases, remission of charges. This lookback time is a length during which the holding period rules would not have started running if you had indeed submitted tax forms right on time.

Suppose you do not utilize the (VDP) Voluntary Disclosure Program. In that case, the jurisdiction may collect taxes, interests, plus charges overall statute periods for which reports should’ve been submitted, and this will go back as far as a decade in some instances.


Get in touch with a reliable counselor in your local state if you need help determining whether or not you are eligible for the Voluntary Disclosure procedure or if you do have any concerns regarding attaining compliance throughout the program.


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