What is Dutch Betting

What is Dutch Betting

Sports betting in recent years has only continued to grow in popularity across the globe. However, what many people do not realize though is that there are a few methods available that could allow bettors to exploit the betting markets, such as dutch betting and matched betting. These strategies and methods take away the traditional risk involved in betting and replace it with mathematical systems which could help lock in profits if done correctly. 

Dutch betting is one example of a betting strategy designed to do just this. Dutch betting can be used to reduce risk, lock in profits, and if done efficiently and routinely, can even help you top up your profits.

Dutch Betting Explained 

Dutch betting is a strategic sports betting approach where a bettor spreads their stake across multiple outcomes of an event, with the goal of locking in a profit regardless of which outcome materializes. This technique involves calculating the appropriate wager for each selection in a way that the combined probability of winning from all bets exceeds the total amount invested. By carefully adjusting the stakes of different outcomes based on their odds, a bettor aims to create a balanced stake that could provide returns, irrespective of the final result. 

How to Dutch Bet 

Dutched betting can be divided into a number of simple yet effective steps. To start off with, you first need to select an applicable betting market. After doing this, you then place a bet on one selection from the market to win. From here, you need to wait until more suitable odds for other selections become available, or alternatively, search on other sportsbooks where they are available. This is because these need to be right in order to lock in a margin of profit.

Other Forms of Dutch Betting 

Within Dutch betting there are actually multiple ways you can calculate how much you will need to wager. There is reduced stake dutch betting, set-profit dutch betting, set-amount dutch betting and much more. Furthermore your dutch bets should also be adjusted for if your fixture requires more than 2 outcomes. You may need to place 3 or more adjusted bets in some instances, with this being likely should horse racing be the market in which you select.

Learning about all the different types of dutch betting can be difficult and then applying them through calculations can be even harder. This is why we recommend betting strategy softwares such as ProfitDuel to anyone who wants to give dutch betting a try. ProfitDuel can provide services such as tutorials to get you started and a dutch betting calculator which can help quickly work out your needed stakes for each bet you intend to place.

Benefits of Dutch Betting

Although we have already touched on this briefly throughout the article, there are many benefits to dutch betting. One of the primary benefits of Dutch betting lies in its ability to manage risk effectively. By distributing bets across multiple outcomes, bettors can mitigate the impact of a single unfavorable result. 

Dutch betting also offers the potential for locking in profits by carefully calculating and allocating stakes across various outcomes. This strategic approach allows bettors to capitalize on favorable odds and create an opportunity that optimizes the overall return on investment, working similarly in fashion to value betting. 

For individuals seeking to enhance their profitability in the long run, Dutch betting provides a systematic method to achieve this goal. Dutch betting promotes a more consistent and measured approach to gambling. By carefully calculating stakes based on probabilities, bettors can strive for a more reliable stream of returns over time. This aspect of consistency makes Dutch betting an option to those who prefer a methodical and disciplined approach to their betting activities and it can even become a side hustle to those who are dedicated enough. 

Finally, The versatility of Dutch betting makes it applicable to a wide range of events, especially those with multiple possible outcomes, such as horse races or sports tournaments. This adaptability allows bettors to employ the strategy across various scenarios, providing a flexible tool that can be utilized in different sports.


In conclusion, Dutch betting is a great strategy for sports betting, offering players a method for risk management and strategic versatility. As we have looked closer at the specifics of this approach, it becomes evident that Dutch betting is not merely a technique but a calculated strategy that transforms the unpredictability of gambling into a more systematic endeavor. Going forward when considering betting strategies, don’t forget about Dutch betting, an approach that may very well redefine the way you approach sports betting.