Virtual Graduation: 5 Ways to Make The Most of It


    The emergence of the pandemic brought around a series of tremendous changes in almost all industries and sectors. However, it is undeniable that school students, especially soon-to-be graduates have suffered a bad hit. 

    Ever since students step into their final year, they excitedly look forward to their graduation ceremony and visualize themselves in black robes and graduation hats, super excited to throw the caps in the air as they embark on their new journey outside school. 

    Virtual graduation ceremony ideas have become a new normal until the schools reopen and host the traditional way of hosting a graduation ceremony. It’s been quite some time since universities and schools have adopted the virtual route to bid farewell to their beloved students, however, many institutions are struggling to look for ways to offer a memorable ceremony. 

    Through this post, you will get an insight into the best ways that can be adopted by schools and universities to host an amazing virtual graduation ceremony. 

    Without any further ado, let’s delve into the strategies right away. 

    Best Strategies To Host An Amazing Virtual Graduation Ceremony

    Send Across Graduation Kits 

    The most important aspect that students look forward to while attending a graduation ceremony is the kit. Keep the spirit of the ceremony alive even when students are attending virtually by sending them the graduation kit to their address. 

    The morale of the students would already be below and attending the virtual graduation in everyday wear would disinterest them and compel them to leave the ceremony midway through. 

    Surprising them with this gesture would pump them up as they would be super excited to attend the event. 

    Create An Interesting Invite 

    If you aim to ensure a maximum attendance from the students, then you need to have an interesting element in your virtual invitation. Even though you will be at a loss since you will not be interacting with your students directly, hence, you need to give them a reason big enough to attend the virtual graduation. 

    Multiple platforms enable users to create stunning invites. As a bonus tip, you can also include fun elements like a virtual DJ session, a magic show, a session from the alumni, etc for motivating the students to attend the ceremony. 

    Include A Social Wall 

    Just like any other virtual event, it is extremely important for engaging the students enough to keep them hooked throughout the event. This can be achieved if you include a social wall in between the ceremony. 


    If you are unaware, a social wall allows the users to showcase a variety of social media content that is aggregated from various social media networks. Simply ask the students to post content on their social media handles using pictures, videos, selfies, tweets, GIFs, etc. 

    The content can then be aggregated and displayed in the form of a social media wall which would excite the students and motivate others to also participate leading to more engagement. 

    Display Special Messages From Friends/Family 

    Graduation ceremonies need to be special. It is an emotional moment for the parents as they see their children spreading out their wings and starting their fresh journey. It also evokes emotions in students as they leave behind their protective environment, their school friends and are set to work to establish a strong career for themselves. 

    With such strong emotions flowing through, it would be a great idea to record messages from the parents or guardians of the students telling them about their accomplishments, and how proud they are of them. Additionally, you can display messages from close friends of the students highlighting all the moments that strike nostalgia and laughs.

    Include The School/College Traditions 

    Be it a virtual or regular graduation ceremony, it is important to keep the traditions of the institution alive. Your students should be proud of their institution and value its traditions till the day they pass out and even beyond that. 

    Every school or college has a particular set of traditions for its students that make them different from others. It can be a school anthem, a special task performed by the students, etc. Including it in between the ceremony is a great way of involving your students more in the virtual ceremony. 

    Closing Note 

    And here we are at the end of this post and you are familiar with the best tips that can be included for making the most of the ceremony. 


    Go on now! Incorporate these strategies into the planning stage and you will be able to give virtual graduation to your students that will be imprinted on their minds forever!

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