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Ultimate Guide to Path of Exile New Patch

Patch notes include all the significant changes and bug fix details of the game. Whenever a game is released, it may consist of some bug and other issues that need to be fixed.

The developers fix those bugs and add some features which are then including in patch notes that let players know about game changes.

3.7.3d Patch Notes

Path Notes 3.7.3d for the Path of Exile game was publish on 12th July. This path includes various Legion Improvements, Skill Improvements, and Miscellaneous Improvements.


  • The developers have added an audio and video effect which Incubator terms are fully satisfied.
  • An Audio also get display when a general has spawned.
  • A buy also got fixed where Incubators release T16 Shaper maps.
  • Another bug that involves the non-Piercing projectiles is not able to hit the Queen.
  • Bug got fixed where Queen didn’t release any item when it is killed during Frozen.
  • Fixed a bug where the labels on any skill are not displayed unless the player stopped while moving.
  • A virus got solved where Mirror Arrow and Blink Arrow was not able to generate a clone sometimes.
  • Enhance the sound and video quality of the game to develop more interest in the player.
  • A bug has also got fixed where the path to the boss room was also unavailable for the player sometimes.
  • The way to overgrown hideout also become inaccessible for the player sometimes. This bug also got fixed.
  • An issue where textures were not represented correctly also got solved.
  • The Assassin weapon effect also got update to offer a realistic look.

3.7.4 Patch Notes

3.7.4 Patch Notes is the latest development in the path of exile game. Below are some of the few bugs that are fixed in the game.

  • The bug that makes the dangerous monsters to release various items is now fixed.
  • There were other bugs in the game where “+x% to Fire Resistance while on Low Life” was not working fine.
  • Bug, where the Righteous and Cyclone was sizing with the game character size, has also been solved.
  • There was another bug where the visual pointer was not matching during the damage has also fixed.
  • A bug that was causing a problem with the currency items has also got solved. These items can be equipped by the POE currency, and one can buy Path of exile currency for various sources.
  • A shaper dialogue gets to play if the Shaper fragment gets released from the legion, that bug has also fixed.
  • A bug that was related to the cool down effect in the game has also got fixed.


Other than the bugs, some new features are adding in the game that a player would love to experience.

Now the delve Fossils will be able to get accumulated up to 20 while the rare one can be piled up to ten if we talk about the overall delve Fossils, they can be stacked up to five thousand.

These are also a few more features that a player can experience while playing the Path of Exile game. Some new items have also including in the game which can be attained by the POE currency or Path of Exile Trade.

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