Top 5 Personality Traits of a White Hat Hacker

Internet security is a major concern these days as a large number of hackers break into the system and exploit its vulnerabilities. In this dark web documentary, white hat hackers play a very positive role. They break the security of a system or a network to test its strength and assess its security. With their skills and capabilities, they tell the improvements needed to make the systems more secure. In this way, they protect the system from being broken by malicious hackers and crackers for wrongful purposes. Some white hackers are doing so because they want to increase their job level while others are passionate

about hacking. The passionate ones are more enthusiastic about white hat hacking. Let us have a deep review of personality traits a white hat hacker possess:

  1. Creativity:

Creativity is considered one of the main personality traits of a white hat hacker. There are

thousands and thousands of vulnerabilities present in a system. Any online system or a network looks perfectly secure and reliable when a normal person uses it. It is only a creative person who will recognize the weaknesses present in a system and a creative way to exploit those vulnerabilities. White hat hackers thinker creatively that which thing the defenders and protectors have not used for the protection of any particular system. Their ingenious and innovative ideas make them able to break the security of the system.

  1. Ethics:

To be ethical is very important for a white hat hacker not for any financial gain or learning

hacking but for doing it the right way. If a white hat hacker chooses any illegal or unethical way to achieve his goal, he might be penalized or subjected to jail.

To be on the safe side, white hat hackers should go against the lawsuit. Going against the laws of government is always harmful. So, a white-hat hacker never adopts this way. He knows how to perform his obligations in a right and ethical way. He is well aware of the implications of deviance from laws and regulations. Hence, ethics is an important trait of a white hat hacker 

  1. Technical Ability:

Including all the above described, the technical ability also plays a crucial role in the personality of a white hat hacker. A white-hat hacker is able to learn technical skills for breaking the system in an ethical manner. He is always eager to learn new things. After learning basic technical skills, he tries to modify his concepts and enhance his knowledge by experimenting with it in various ways. His technical abilities are enhanced by such practices. It is possible only for the technical persons to deduce new ways from their prior knowledge. A technical white-hat hacker fully knows the ways to craft new tools from his knowledge. He also uses existing tools in some new ways. Most of the time, he uses existing tools in such a way that they fit into a certain situation. That is why technical ability is considered as the most important trait in the personality of a white-hat hacker.

  1. Curiosity and Intelligence:

A curious person always finds a way to answer his curiosity. It is the trait of curiosity that

provokes a white hat hacker to find any vulnerability present in the system that can be exploited to break the security of the system for harmful purposes. A curious white hat hacker is intelligent enough to find multiple vulnerabilities in the system. Using intelligence, the white hat hacker suggests valuable steps required for the immune system from external attacks.

  1. Resolute and Determined:

It requires a lot of time to break the security of any system and that is why hacking requires a lot of patience and resolute nature. Solving complex hacking problems and breaking a secure system requires a large amount of patience and determinacy in the personality of a white-hat hacker. A lot of time span is spent while assembling and disassembling a program. Bunch of time is spent on stepping through programs. Even after this much effort and hard work, sometimes the results are not up to the mark. If this happens then a double effort is required to understand the system again and assess its vulnerabilities. This is so hectic and sometimes goes boring if there is an absence of patience in the person who is doing all this stuff. This is the reason that all of the white hat hackers are resolute and determined. They never leave their tasks in the midway and keep on doing their duties until desired results are achieved.

From all of the above discussion, we come to know that a white hat hacker is a man of action who performs his duties by choosing ethical ways. He depicts his personality through the work he does in his job.

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