Tips for the Expat on Building your Dream Home in Thailand


    Many expats are instantly smitten by the Land of Smiles and they decide to spend the rest of their lives in this unique country and if you are such a person, you might wish to build your dream home in a tropical paradise. In this article, we offer valuable information and tips for the expat who wishes to build their dream home in sunny Thailand.

    • Thai Law on Land Ownership – Sadly, a foreigner is not permitted to own land in Thailand, yet there are ways to circumvent this. You could set up a limited company and the company could purchase the land, however, if the Thai government discovered that the business was primarily set up to buy real estate, there could be issues. If the said company is actually trading, you are less likely to encounter any legal issues when the company acquires land.
    • Long-Term Leasing – This is the safest way to acquire the land you need to build your dream home; you should be able to get a 30-year lease with the option of a further 30 years rental, should you decide to extend the lease. The cost of long-lease land is probably going to be similar to the freehold price, but it is the safest way to provide some security to ensure that your home will not be taken away from you. This is known as a ‘30+30’ lease and you are advised to hire a local lawyer to ensure that everything is as it should be.
    • Designing the Build – There are custom builders in Thailand who would be happy to design your dream home and with their expertise and your concept, your dream home will soon be a reality. You can buy electrical products from SQD Groups, a leading Thai supplier of all things electric, which will ensure that your wiring is perfectly safe. It is worth noting that as Thailand is so hot and humid, a suitable design will be required to keep the interior cool during the hot days.
    • Consider a Container Home – You may have seen a few of these, which comprise of a combination of 20ft and 40ft containers and while a container home is never going to be cheap, all you need is a concrete base and should you ever decide to relocate, simply lease another piece of land, build a suitable concrete base and your home can be easily be moved by experts.
    • Solar Power – We have the technology today to power your new home with solar panels and with a quick Google search, you can locate a Thai supplier of solar energy systems. If, for example, your new home will be in a remote region, there might not be grid electricity provided and the solar alternative offers clean and renewable energy.

    We hope that this information helps you to navigate the complex world of building your dream home in the tropical paradise in Thailand. If you want more information about keys to buy your dream home, click here for more information.