The Perfect recruitment You Look for

New Year, new desires, in this perspective, it is important to put all the chances in your side. But how do you get noticed by recruiting firms and headhunters? Specialist in recruitment gives you simple tips to increase your professional appeal. From the recruiting agency Thailand you can get the best supports.

Be well referenced

Attracting job offers rather than looking for them is the dream of many candidates. But to be approached by recruiters, you must first of all be identified as a potentially interesting profile. Since most of the research is done via the Internet, taking care of your online referencing is therefore an essential step. Thus, updating your CV, harmonizing them, choosing the right keywords or promoting your personal brand (personal branding) by writing articles on an area of ​​expertise are effective SEO techniques, appreciated by headhunters. .Cultivate and enrich your network

The professional network is very effective when activated in an intelligent and appropriate manner. Letting friends, former schoolmates or even trusted colleagues know that you are interested in new challenges can prove fruitful in many situations. Cooptation, which consists of recommending a profile that you know well to recruiters or to your company, still works and is effective. To take full advantage of the opportunities offered by your network, it is necessary to cultivate it regularly and not to solicit your contacts only when you are looking for a new position. Do not hesitate to ask your former managers for recommendations; this can be a real plus.

Take care of your profiles on social networks

To be noticed by recruiters, posting your best profile on social networks is an absolute necessity. It is important to take care of your reputation and have an attractive profile: pay attention to the photo used, put concrete examples of your achievements and summarize your career and aspirations in a pleasant and relevant way. Interacting with your professional community and participating in groups are also good techniques for improving your profile and expanding your network.

Dare to take the lead

Do not hesitate to contact recruiting firms and headhunters directly by sending your CV. If the approach may seem in contradiction with the vocation of talent hunters, it goes without saying that a spontaneous quality application will be treated with interest and will allow you to appear in the files, in good place. In addition, you target the type of specialist firms that match your career goals, which is a real advantage. If this does not give results immediately, do not forget that your CV has probably been added to the CV library of the firm while waiting for a position and assignments corresponding to the profile received.

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