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The Magical Correlation between CRM And Marketing

Marketing can be defined as the set of techniques, strategies and tactics used to attract the target audience towards the business. The main aim of the marketing teams is to make sure that the company, its products or services, its campaigns etc. is visible to a maximum number of people. Though, the visibility of the company depends on a lot of factors, but, at the end of the day, the marketing teams’responsibility is to ensure that the brand catches the fancy of a larger and larger group of people.

As, the more the brand is visible to the people, the more the chances are of getting leads. Whereas, when it comes to the customer relationship management team, the main responsibility of the team is to make sure that the customer relations are maintained properly. That is not it, the overall management of the customer support and service falls under this category.

Both CRM and Marketing are responsible for growth of the company

Yes. Indeed, they are. The Dynamics CRM and the marketing teams of the business are related to each other. Both the departments are significant for the growth of the business. Marketing teams ensure that the business gets more attention, more leads and more customers. Whereas, the CRM teams ensure that the existing customers stay for a longer duration of time, transact more with the business and even promote the company if possible. Thus, both the CRM and marketing teams are somewhat responsible for the revenue that the company is generated. Apart from revenue, CRM and marketing teams also impact the brand awareness, number of customers etc.

The importance of sync between the CRM and Marketing

In a business, every department is related to each other, including the customer support department and the marketing department. Both the departments have to interact with the people; either the customers or the target audience (probable customers). Thus, both the departments should basically work in sync with each other to ensure that the customers and the probable customers both are impressed.

Also, there is a lot of learning involved. The customer support team generates a lot of insights based on the data analytics (data related to the customer). And, these insights can be used by both the customer support teams as well as the marketing teams to get to know the customers more. This eventually helps the marketing teams to create more efficient campaigns and strategies. And, the outcomes of the marketing campaigns are generally better if the marketers have more knowledge about their customers.

Even the CRM department of the company can learn a lot from the data and the insights generated by the marketing team. At the end of the day, more knowledge and understanding of the target audienceas well as of the customer empowers the teams to make better decisions. The decisions set the tone for the right business strategies that are aimed to help the companies grow.

Therefore, companies are adopting a topnotch corporate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution, which has both the CRM as well as Marketing applications. Thus, the businesses are able to enable both the teams to work in coordination with each other. And, at the same time, the performance of the CRM and marketing gets better when they work together. Therefore, Dynamics 365 is becoming more and more popular each day. And, in the coming future, the adoption rate is expected to rise beyond expectations.

The whole company should ideally work in sync, but when it specifically comes to the CRM and marketing teams, their coordination and correlation certainly helps both of these departments to work more efficiently.

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