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The Best Trading of the Gold

It is possible to buy a gold bar online or at a physical point of sale. You should first learn about the weight and then the price of the gold bar, which determines its price. The gold ingot is by far the investment medium or investment vehicle most widely installed in the collective imagination. As you buy gold in hong kong you can find the best options there. Nothing could be more natural when you count the number of films, books, comics relating the stories of robbery or of missing treasures. The success of the gold bar is such that the foundry testers have introduced new formats of bars to allow anyone to buy a gold bar. Indeed, the smaller the quantity of physical gold contained, the lower the price.

How to differentiate a gold ingot of gold bullion?

It’s childishly simple and in reality the answer is in the list before this question: its weight. Thus, it is considered that an ingot is between 1g and 250g of gold while a gold ingot is generally between 500g and 12kg. Note that the 12kg format is reserved for transactions between financial institutions.

Why buy a gold bar instead of gold coins?

If you are not familiar with investing in physical gold, be aware that there are multiple categories of investment media and investment products. Here are a few:

Investment coins:

just like bullion and ingots, they are enshrined as investment gold. They are acquired in a logic of speculation therefore of profit seeking because their volatility is higher than that of the other categories.

Modern ounces: unlike bullion coins, they are not verbatim and are still produced today. They can be acquired with a view to speculation or diversification or even protection of existing assets. They are renowned for their very high purity and their accomplished aesthetics.

Semi-numismatics: Reserved for informed investors, these are old or even very old coins, their value varies according to the state of preservation of the coin, its rarity, its alloy and other considerations that require a thorough knowledge of numismatics.

In comparison with these coins, it is obviously the price of the gold bar which is advantageous. More particularly, it is about the small gap existing between the selling price of the ingot and its intrinsic value.

Intrinsic value and price of gold bullion

The intrinsic value of the gold bar is equal to that of any coin since it is the price of pure gold contained in the coin or ingot. By way of example, at the time these lines are written, the intrinsic value of the 1 ounce bar is 1,352.99 dollars while its selling price is 1,420.50 dollars or a difference of 67.51 dollars.

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