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The 4 Best Long-Term Cannabis Storage Solutions—Ranked!

Maybe you’ve just had an incredible harvest? Or perhaps you need somewhere to stow your medical marijuana safely? Whatever the need, you’re probably wondering what’s the best stash cannabis jar for long-term storage.

Cannabis can be tricky to store well. There’s nothing worse than opening up a container to find a stash that’s covered in mold or so dry it may as well be dust. Don’t let this happen to you.

Read on to find out the best containers for long-term cannabis storage.

1. Glass Jars

An oldie but a goodie, glass jars have been the best long-term storage for cannabis since time immemorial. And even today, with sophisticated strains and all kinds of storage options, glass jars are still a favored storage option.

Consider, for example, the humble mason jar. It boasts an astonishingly airtight seal, can be used repeatedly, won’t deteriorate with time, and comes in a wide range of sizes. Of course, nowadays, there are all kinds of specialist stash jars designed specifically for housing cannabis.

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2. Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum sealing is one of the best storage for cannabis. The method removes as much of the damaging oxygen and moisture from the storage environment as possible.

If you vacuum-seal your weed, you can put it in any container you want. Remove almost all of the air, but leave a little bit inside the bag to keep the herbs fresh.

Don’t worry about squashing your cannabis a bit–it won’t damage it. The buds will puff up again once you release the seal.

3. Stainless Steel Containers

Stainless steel containers with a seal (this part is essential) retain just the right amount of moisture and keep bugs at bay, making them perfect for cannabis storage.

These containers look similar to the metal jars you’d use in the kitchen for safely storing grains or flours. They’re lightweight and won’t break when dropped or let in those degrading UV rays. And best of all, they look stylish and discreet on a shelf or in a cupboard.

Most stainless containers for personal use come in capacities ranging from 7 grams right up to 50 grams.

4. Wooden Containers

When it comes to the best cannabis long-term storage, wood might not be the first material that springs to mind. But a lot of vintage lovers and cannabis connoisseurs love the rustic look of a custom or hand-crafted timber box.

The trick is to make sure you get a container design specifically for weed. This is because cigars are also stored in wooden boxes. Stow your stash in a humidor, and it’ll come out smelling like tobacco and probably covered in mold.

Long-Term Cannabis Storage Explained

To maintain long-term cannabis storage, add a humidity pack into your container to ensure as little moisture damage as possible. And stow your container away in a cool, dark place, particularly if you’re using see-through glass or plastic.

If you dip into your stash often, split it up into manageable, separately sealed portions. This way, you’ll avoid ruining an entire pack if you just want a bit.

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