Surge in Google Business Profile Suspensions Due to AI Flagging and Pin Hacks

Surge in Google Business Profile Suspensions Due to AI Flagging and Pin Hacks

In the past month, there has been a significant increase in Google Business Profile suspensions. This surge is attributed to Google’s AI flagging tool and the widespread issue of Google pin hacks. These problems have led to numerous businesses being falsely suspended, creating a backlog for Google’s support team, which has been slow to respond. Consequently, some businesses are experiencing delays of up to 20 days to restore their profiles, often without any edits made to their profiles.

The delays in Google’s response have caused substantial damage to many businesses, disrupting their operations and highlighting the challenges posed by Google’s market dominance. This issue has become so severe that it underscores why the federal government is pursuing legal action against Google for monopolizing digital advertising technologies, as detailed in a recent lawsuit by the Justice Department.

Case in Point: A Marketing Agency’s Struggle in Australia

One marketing agency in Australia shared their frustrations, stating they never received clear explanations for why their client’s profiles were taken down. This lack of transparency and responsiveness from Google has left many businesses in limbo, unable to operate normally and sustain their customer engagement.

Google Map Pin Scam: An Ongoing Threat

Another critical issue exacerbating the problem is the Google Map pin scam. For years, spammers and hackers have been exploiting Google Map pins to mislead customers, causing a sharp drop in rankings or even suspensions of business profiles. Darren Shaw, founder and president of Whitespark, highlighted the extent of this problem by revealing data on how many businesses have been affected by this glitch. According to a report by Jon Hopkins in March 2024, numerous businesses have experienced unauthorized changes to their locations. Attempts to revert these changes often result in immediate ranking drops or suspensions of their profiles.

Despite the long-standing nature of this glitch, it gained wider attention only recently. Spammers and dark-hat SEO practitioners have been using this vulnerability to manipulate rankings, negatively impacting rival businesses. Google has yet to address the glitch publicly or provide a permanent solution, leaving businesses vulnerable to these attacks. Screenshots shared by affected businesses show Google Map pins moved as far as two hours away from their actual locations, with any attempts to correct the locations resulting in suspensions.

Steps to Appeal a Google Business Profile Suspension

For those affected, understanding the appeal process is crucial. Here’s a step-by-step guide to appeal a Google Business Profile suspension:

Before You Submit an Appeal

  1. Ensure Compliance: Verify that your profile adheres to all Google guidelines. More information can be found on Google’s guidelines page.

Submit an Appeal

  1. Prepare Your Evidence: Gather documents that can support your appeal. These can include:
    • Official business registration
    • Business license
    • Tax certificates
    • Utility bills (electricity, phone, water, internet)
  2. Ensure that the business name and address on these documents match the profile you are appealing for.
  3. Submit Your Appeal:
    • Open the Google Business Profile appeals tool.
    • Sign in to the Google Account associated with your Business Profile.
    • Select the suspended Business Profile.
    • Review the reason for the moderation action and the violated policy link.
    • At the bottom right, click on “Submit Appeal.”
    • Attach any optional evidence to support your appeal and click “Submit.”
    • Google will review your appeal and notify you via email with their decision.

Appeal When Your Account is Restricted

  1. Lifting Account Restrictions:
    • If your account is restricted due to policy violations, all managed profiles will be suspended, and new profiles cannot be created or claimed.
    • To lift the restriction, provide a reason and submit an appeal via your My accounts page, where you can also track the status of your appeal.
    • Once the restriction is lifted, you can then appeal to remove the suspension on your Business Profile.

By following these steps, businesses can navigate the appeal process more effectively, potentially reducing downtime and resuming normal operations faster. However, the broader issue of Google’s control and responsiveness remains a significant concern for many, reflecting ongoing tensions in the digital marketplace.

Conclusion: Navigating the Challenges of Google Business Profile Suspensions

The recent increase in Google Business Profile suspensions due to AI flagging tools and pin hacks has underscored significant vulnerabilities within Google’s support infrastructure. As businesses face lengthy delays in profile reinstatement, the operational impact is profound, affecting customer engagement and revenue. The frustrations experienced by businesses worldwide, such as the marketing agency in Australia, highlight the urgent need for improved transparency and efficiency in Google’s support response.

While businesses can follow the outlined appeal process to mitigate the impact, the broader implications of Google’s dominant market position remain a critical issue. The ongoing legal actions by the federal government against Google for monopolistic practices further emphasize the necessity for regulatory scrutiny and potential reforms.

In the meantime, businesses must remain vigilant, ensuring compliance with Google’s guidelines and being prepared to navigate the appeals process promptly. This proactive approach can help minimize disruptions and maintain business continuity amidst the challenges posed by these unforeseen suspensions.


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