Staircase Design Online Saves Time and Money


    Whether you are a construction company or an individual that ants to redesign or build a property, stairs are one factor that you will need factor into your plans. One of the most difficult aspects to the process of stair design is the stage one; knowing where to begin!

    Luckily technology has made its mark on the stair building industry. The technology to manufacture stairs has always been there and is continuously improving. However, where most people are at a loss is when it comes to choosing or understanding the design they need. This is vitally important to getting to the point where custom made stairs can be produced and fitted.

    Here are some examples of how MrStairs software can be used to help those building properties or renovating save time.

    Constructions Companies

    Most constructions companies planning for large projects already have designers on board. After design there is the issue of procurement. Imagine if the designers time and procurement processes within a construction company could be reduced when building large projects.

    Having am application that is quick to use, easy to understand, and follows local constructions laws are all extremely important to construction firms. This is where the Mr. Stairs custom built stairs comes into operation.

    The web interface allows construction firms to quickly place orders for stairs that can be manufactured to the exact specs needed. Mr Stairs receives the order, uses 3D design software for a visual image of the final staircase build, and then once both parties approve, production begins immediately.

    There is no need for the Mr Stairs team or the construction firm to meet on site and use up precious time, and therefore productivity is increased for both parties involved.

    Home Renovations

    Working in construction is one thing but being a homeowner that does not work in the industry means the task of having custom made stairs becomes a little more complicated.

    Construction companies make it their business to become experts on every area of property construction because it is their job. They begin with an architect and finishing with the contractors doing their part to create the finished build. On the other hand, your average homeowner works in an entirely different industry, and as such their knowledge of construction is often limited.

    Mr. Stairs has created the perfect solution for homeowners via their staircase design online software. While the application is second nature to construction firms looking for a fast solution to have staircases manufactured, it is also homeowner friendly for those that are what we call ‘noobs’ in the industry.

    It is user friendly and educational for anyone new to renovations or extensions on their home. This is the beauty of the Mr Stairs design application. It is simple to use.

    1. Choose the type of staircase
    2. Choose the building regulations
    3. Enter the staircase measurements
    4. Submit the application to Mr Stairs

    Once Mr Stairs has all the information they need, a quote can be sent, and the custom stairs manufacturing can begin. It is as simple as that.

    Constructions companies that are building large home estates with homes that are of a similar design can send an unlimited number of designs and let Mr Stairs know the quantity of each staircase they need; while homeowners can be taken through the process in a few simple steps turning what could be conceived as a time consuming and complicated project into an effortless task.

    All that is left to do is for Mr Stairs to use their cutting-edge technology to make the finished version of the stairs and fir them in the property the stairs were designed for.

    Let’s hope we see more applications like this in the future because the less complicated companies can make their processes, the easier our lives are. In this day and age people have less time to relax, but with ingenious ideas to introduce software like Mr Stairs have, we can save time on what were once time-consuming tasks in order to spend more time doing the things we want rather than things we have to do.