Popcornflix review! Online free


    There are many websites that people can use to watch and stream movies for free and Popcornflix is one of them, which people can use to get online free movies easily. The website has a large collection of movies and TV shows and hundreds of them can be streamed daily. Let us try to know various things about this website.

    Easy to find movies and TV shows

    Operating the website is very easy and users can find the hidden menu as soon as they hover the mobile on to else the menu is hidden and it provides more space for placing the content. Different genres are available and users have the option to choose their favorite movies fro, the genre they like. These genres include thriller, drama, suspense, action, family, and many more.

    Video quality

    The quality of the videos presents ion the website is the same as that of DVD movies. Users do not have the option of changing the quality and also they are unable to know the current resolution of the videos. But still, the qua.oty is good enough to watch the movie.

    Player options

    Popcornflix has a great video player and one of its unique features is that users can make gifs from the videos. Along with it, users also have the option of commenting on a special part of a video, which they like or dislike. In order to write comments, users have to create an account. For watching movies account is not needed, users can stream as soon as they navigate to the website. The video player does not have the option of subtitle settings, but users can increase or decrease the volume. The movies can be watched on a slim or full screen.


    Some of the movies have ads but they have a short duration. Ads will be displayed at the beginning and during the movies. The longer the movie, the more the ads. But people who are fond of watching movies can watch these shirt ads also.

    Video buffering

    There are some websites where there are problems with buffering a video. Videos start playing and then stop in the middle for buffering. It starts to play again and this process increases the time of watching the video. In Popcornflix, there is no such issue. As soon as the users start watching a movie, they will not face any issue of buffering even if the internet connection is slow.


    The websites have to apps, which are free movie app and kids app. In the free movie app, users can watch the movies of various genres while in kids app; kids can watch the movies of their choice. In this app, only kids movies are available. The looks and functions of the apps are the same and there are various options, which people can use to look for a movie.

    User interface

    The user interface of the website is very simple and easy to use. The movies on the apps are well organized in comparison to the web version. The layout is good. There are two tabs on the home page called movies and TV.

    The movie tab has various options as follows

    • All movies
    • New arrivals
    • Most popular
    • Documentaries

    The options on the TV tab are

    • TV
    • Trash TV
    • 90’s TV

    If users float the mouse over the icon of a movie or TV show, they will get little information like runtime and storyline.

    Country-wise availability and supported platform

    Previously, the website was available only in North America. But now it is available in 61 countries and some of them include Saudi Arabia, China, France, Mexico, Poland, etc.

    The movies on the website can be streamed if users have the following platforms like Roku, Android, iOS, Windows, and many others.

    Paid plans

    Users can watch everything for free but they also have to face commercials. If they do not want to watch any commercial, they have to purchase ad-free rental at $0.99.

    Final verdict

    It can be said that Popcornflix is a good platform for watching movies and TV shows for free. The video quality is average and users also have to face the commercials, which are of very short duration. There are two apps which users can install and watch movies.