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Photo vs. Text Only ID Badges: Which is Better?

Maybe you’ve never given this question a second thought until now. Why is it that some employees use photo ID cards, while others are quite content with text only ID badges?

The answer to this question will stimulate you to think about how staff ID badges are more than labels that identify people. Through this article, you will see what purpose they fulfill and how they can be used as an opportunity to advance your business and positively affect the wearer at the same time. Now that sounds like a worthwhile read.

Clarify the Purpose

Before you can decide whether your employees need photos or not, you need to be clear on what the objective of your name badge is. For example, if you think about the last time you spoke to a policeman, or were visited by a doctor in the hospital, can you remember if they had a photo ID or not?

Most likely they did. How did that make you feel? It’s unlikely you remember their name but you do remember trusting that they were who they said they were.

So here’s a key point. One of the main reasons you would opt to use a photo ID instead of text-only is if there are important security considerations. A photo ID is an excellent way of providing reassurance to others and that’s important in the world we live in.

If security considerations aren’t top of the consideration list for your customers and clients etc, are there reasons why you should entertain the idea of a text-only ID badge?

Communicate Your Brand

Apart from a specific uniform, ID badges are an excellent way to communicate your brand both to your customers and to your employees. They can be thought of as a sort of business card attached to all the employees.

You can develop marketing slogans and work mottos that can be inscribed on the ID card. This can have a positive effect on employees by boosting their motivation and clarifying their expected work ethic. Not using a photo in these situations keeps the focus on your brand and not on unnecessary security.

Create Opportunities to Interact

Customer interactions and relationships are the lifeblood of any customer-facing service. So you want to encourage those interactions and break the ice wherever possible. Text only name badges that are fun and eye-catching are an excellent way to do that.

So get creative with your ID badges and don’t be constrained by a serious security photo if it isn’t needed. Check out these products as examples of what you can do.

ID Badges — Ready to Decide?

In this article, we have challenged you to think about a subject that probably has barely hit the radar before now. Still, it’s super good you’ve read this article about ID badges because now you’re armed with some thoughts that can help give your business the edge it needs when developing your customer-facing services.

Only you can decide what’s best for your business but isn’t it great to challenge the status quo and be pushing your business forward. You can read other great articles on this site designed to help you keep doing that.

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