To increase the visibility of your product listings on Amazon, image optimization is essential. You may raise your chances of ranking well in search results by optimizing your photographs. This could result in more sales and greater exposure for your business.

Ensuring that your photographs are of a good caliber and visually appealing is one of the most important aspects of image optimization on Amazon. This entails utilizing precise, well-lit, and lucid Amazon product photography. Additionally, since Amazon has particular requirements for picture dimensions and file types, it’s critical to ensure that your photographs are the right size and format.

Including pertinent keywords in the alt and file names of your images is a crucial component of picture optimization. This increases the likelihood that your product will show up in relevant search results by helping Amazon’s search algorithm comprehend what your product is and what it’s about.

Other methods include showcasing details with the zoom feature, enhancing product images with 3D rendering, utilizing info graphics or lifestyle photos, and utilizing white backgrounds for images.

All things considered, image optimization can be a very effective method for raising your product listings’ visibility and effectiveness on Amazon. You may improve your chances of reaching a larger audience and generating more revenue by investing the time to optimize your photographs.

In this article,

  •         Introduction
  •         Boosting Amazon SEO with Amazon listing images
  •         Perfection of lighting and Amazon Product images
  •         On-point Amazon product description
  •         Size is all that matters
  •         Brief guidelines that you should follow for aesthetic amazon listing images
  •         Conclusion


Take note of the category specifications

Each category on Amazon has particular image requirements as well. These guidelines may cover things like product placement, nutritional labeling, and prop usage. It is important that you frequently review these standards since they may have changed without notifying you, and Amazon may do so from time to time.

 Present it correctly

As previously stated, the goods must fill the frame in its whole, per Amazon’s specifications. This implies that you need to make sure that none of the edges or corners are chopped off.

However, Amazon limits you to a maximum of 15% of white space, in contrast to recommended standards for website design that promote a lot of white space. Therefore, the goal is to maximize the product’s frame size without omitting any important details. It will maintain Amazon’s satisfaction and increase the visibility of your listing in search results.

Utilize just top-notch pictures

This is not only a no-brainer for increasing sales, but Amazon actually demands it. The following prerequisites are included in the marketplace in addition to Amazon’s technical photo requirements:

  • Every product photo needs to be an authentic photo. Drawings, vectors, and images are not permitted on Amazon.
  • Content may only contain items that are directly linked to the product being sold. To put it another way, superfluous items that can confuse customers might not be included.
  • A good resolution is required. Recompressed images that are pixelated or hazy won’t be accepted.

Give color particular consideration.

Amazon’s standards also specifically address color. Realistic colors are necessary because every image must accurately depict the goods. You are free to alter your Amazon listing images, but exercise caution when adjusting the saturation since it may cause your colors to appear off.

As a result, after taking and processing the pictures, confirm that the colors are still accurate. Red, after all, can have diverse connotations for various individuals. It is crucial that your Amazon Product photos accurately depict the color because customers only have access to the photos that they can trust.

Incorporate background environments

The primary photo’s background only needs to be clean white. You can use a different background for subsequent photos on Amazon.

It might be a good idea to switch up the backgrounds of your Amazon listing images from white to something other depending on the kind of goods you’re selling. Alternatively, you could utilize a background image to illustrate how your Amazon product would be used in a real-world scenario. This is particularly effective when selling furniture or similar items. Just keep in mind, though, that introducing unnecessary elements that can confuse people is something you should avoid doing.

 Use images to highlight important details

Although there might not be any extraneous text or graphics in your primary Amazon product image, Amazon lets you add helpful text and graphics to your alternate Amazon listing images. This can be worked to your advantage by emphasizing characteristics that differentiate your goods from comparable postings. Maybe it’s smaller than comparable products? Perhaps it’s simple to assemble? In this instance, you can draw attention to its magnitude or create a visual that outlines the initial phases.

This crucial information should be included in the Amazon product description as well, of course, but by repeating it in one of the photographs, you can make sure that no crucial element is overlooked. Having said that, the language that goes with your photos should be kept to a minimum, unlike your product description. You’re missing the mark if it’s a word-for-word copy of your bullets.

Pay attention to the subtleties

Certain product elements, like the interior or range, may need to stand out depending on what you’re selling. In this instance, photographing this particular detail and listing it as a separate photo is preferable. By doing this, your intended market will feel more at ease purchasing the product because they have witnessed it in use.

Don’t forget the packaging

If your Amazon product comes with its own packaging, it’s also a good idea to include a picture of the package in a different shot. This can be a very effective marketing tool that draws attention to how convenient a product is and fosters consumer confidence.

Recall who your target audience is.

Your target audience should be kept in mind when you create visuals, just as it should be when you write your Amazon product description. Put simply, your customers should be able to recognize themselves in the images of your goods. Customers must be able to see how what you’re offering will fit into their needs and way of life.

If you are marketing an entry-level kettle, for instance, the backdrop image should show a small kitchen. In this approach, you contribute to the credibility and persuasiveness of your product.


A lot of vendors enhance their product images. But, there are certain things—which we’ve listed below—that you should stay away from.



Be mindful of shadows. They readily reveal the weaknesses in your Amazon image. Make sure, therefore, that your shadows fall where they should. If not, you’ll come out as unprofessional.


Make sure the props you’re photoshopping to go with your picture are scaled appropriately to preserve authenticity and aesthetic coherence. If you scale your product incorrectly, Amazon may believe that you are deceiving them about its size. Refunds and limited Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) may follow from this.


Titles and bullets are important factors that Amazon considers when indexing and ranking content. Although they might not do much to increase traffic to your Amazon image listings, your photos have the power to convert that visitors. Therefore, the ideal approach to optimize your Amazon listings for mobile viewing is to provide visually appealing and educational photographs.

On mobile devices, the only content that will show up above the fold is the product title and photographs. The majority of customers rarely scroll down to see the bullets. For this reason, it is essential to emphasize the key benefits of your products in the supplementary photos.

Keep in mind that using Amazon on a desktop or a mobile device is a separate experience. Thus, make sure your Amazon product listing is optimized for both of these devices.


The size of your photos is important since it affects how people see your product photographs on Amazon. To be zoom-able, the size must be at least 1000 pixels, according to Amazon. Using too-small photographs can cause them to look pixelated, which will disable desktop zoom.

However, without the right dimensions, the thumbnails won’t appear decent even with the right image size. Using the 1:1 recommended aspect ratio is essential. Rectangular photos are not something you should publish to Amazon either.

Your goods will appear less professional if the image sizes are inconsistent, which will also significantly lower your conversion rate.


Don’t worry, Amazon has tight guidelines for the primary Amazon product images. There are lots of methods to differentiate it from the competition. Here are some quick techniques to enhance your image without going beyond Amazon’s image policies.

Just Display the Item

Steer clear of adding any text, borders, props, or objects that highlight the product’s size. The primary image’s objective is to draw attention to the merchandise you’re offering.

Make Use of a Completely White Background

Be aware that Amazon requires the primary photos to have a certain white backdrop. For reference, use any color chart or Google’s color picker to ensure that it is set to RGB 255, 255, 255.

The correct shade of white is essential because Amazon wants your product to appear to be floating within the interface. If you are not a design whiz, you can always hire professionals to edit your photo’s background to the correct color for a nominal fee.

 Close Up Within the Image Frame: 

Amazon requires that your product occupy at least 85% of the image frame; cropped images will make your Amazon product appear smaller in the thumbnail that appears in your search and PPC ads.

Make sure your Amazon listing image can be zoomed in so that customers can examine more details of your product.

A low-quality, non-zoom-able image will lower the click-through rate (CTR) of your ads and the amount of natural traffic that comes to your listing.

Keep Up With New Regulations

The platform’s image restrictions are subject to change at any time, so it’s always a good idea to stay informed and check out the Amazon seller help website.

Lack of photos in Amazon product listings is one of the most frequent blunders made by merchants. You don’t want any of your listings to have just two or three photos; those Amazon listings should have more. The majority of product categories on Amazon have access to seven or more image slots.

Take advantage of this chance to provide as many photographs as you can so that potential customers may view your product from a variety of viewpoints and angles.

Customers will only see seven photographs on the product detail page unless they click on further images, therefore you are free to include even more images in your product listings.


Are you prepared to improve your Amazon SEO results?

To enhance your Amazon product SEO, raise your products’ placement in Amazon search results, and increase traffic and sales, adhere to these best practices for Amazon SEO.


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