OpenAI in exclusive partnership with Microsoft will create new supercomputing technologies Azure AI


    A multi-year partnership based on the general principles of trust and global empowerment, implemented with Microsoft $ 1 billion investment support from Microsoft, will be aimed at creating a platform through which OpenAI experts will develop new AI technologies and implement the concept of common artificial intelligence

    SAN FRANCISCO ( the SAN FRANCISCO) and REDMOND, Washington, July 22, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Microsoft Corp. and OpenAI, two companies in-depth studying the role of AI in the world and looking for ways to create safe, reliable and ethical artificial intelligence technologies for the benefit of society, are joining forces to further expand the capabilities of Microsoft Azure as part of large-scale AI systems. Through this partnership, companies intend to accelerate the pace of breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence and provide a solid foundation for the implementation of OpenAI initiatives aimed at creating common artificial intelligence (OII). The resulting functional expansion of the Azure platform will also help developers create a new generation of AI applications. Partnership covers the following aspects:

    • Microsoft and OpenAI will jointly create new AI-based super computing technologies Azure
    • OpenAI will transfer its services to Microsoft Azure, and the platform will use them for the subsequent development of new AI technologies and the implementation of the concept of general artificial intelligence
    • Microsoft will become a preferred OpenAI partner in the commercialization of new technologies

    The priority direction of the partnership will be the creation of an unprecedented computing platform as part of Azure, which will train and support increasingly modern AI models, include hardware technologies based on Microsoft super computing developments, and follow the principles of ethics and trust common to both companies. The result will be the formation of the foundation for the safe and reliable implementation of the latest AI developments, and this factor plays a decisive role in the partnership between the companies.

    Over the past decade, innovative application scenarios of deep neural networks, combined with the growing capabilities of computing technology, have led to AI breakthroughs in areas such as vision, speech, linguistic information processing, translation, robotic control, and even gaming. Modern AI systems demonstrate excellent results in solving specific problems for which they were created, however, turning AI systems into tools to solve the most complex problems facing humanity today will require a generalization and in-depth study of numerous artificial intelligence technologies. The concept of OpenAI and Microsoft involves the creation of common artificial intelligence to work side by side with people to solve the most stubborn multidisciplinary problems, including global climate change,

    “The development of AIS will be the most important technological achievement in our history, with the potential to shape the trajectory of human development, – commented CEO OpenAI Sam Altman ( by Sam Altman ) -. Our task – to make sure that the AIS technology to work for the good of all people on earth, and Together with Microsoft, we are working on the creation of a supercomputing foundation for general artificial intelligence. the spread of its economic benefits. And we are very pleased that Microsoft shares our vision.

    “AI – one of the most revolutionary technology of our time, has great potential in addressing many of the most pressing challenges of our world, – noted, in turn, the head of Microsoft Satya Nadella ( Satya Nadella ) -. Combining breakthrough OpenAI technology with a new supercomputing functional Azure “AI, we are striving to democratize artificial intelligence,” while always paying maximum attention to the security of AI, “so that every person on earth can take personal advantage from it.”

    About OpenAI

    OpenAI’s mission is to provide access to the benefits of shared artificial intelligence to all of humanity. A document called OpenAI Charter lays down the organization’s guidelines for implementing the mission described.

    About Microsoft

    Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) provides a digital transition to the era of smart cloud and smart peripherals. Its main task is to provide every person and every organization on the planet with the opportunity to achieve more.