Must-Visit Sports Betting Industry Events in 2024

Must-Visit Sports Betting Industry Events in 2024

With new markets opening, technological advancements reshaping the game and regulations constantly in flux, the global sports betting industry is evolving at a rapid pace.

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial for both industry veterans and aspiring entrepreneurs, and what better way to do that than immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of industry events?

A plethora of exciting sports betting conferences and expos are scheduled in 2024, each offering unique insights, networking opportunities and a glimpse into the future of this dynamic field. 

Here is a comprehensive guide to the must-visit sports betting industry events in 2024.

International Casino Exhibition (ICE) – London – February 6-8

The International Casino Exhibition (ICE) in London is a highlight on the calendar for anyone involved in the sports betting and gaming sector. 

Known for its global reach and industry-leading speakers, ICE London provides a comprehensive overview of the entire gaming ecosystem.

Seminars and panels cover crucial topics such as responsible gaming, the impact of technology on the industry, and the future of sports betting in the digital age.

ICE also offers you a chance to engage in the pre-eminent networking, business, and educational gathering within the industry.

The conference offers privileged entry to state-of-the-art innovations, technological advancements, regulatory insights, and the knowledge essential for establishing your brand in both burgeoning and well-established markets.

You may also be able to forge significant connections and share ideas with gaming professionals spanning every sector and hierarchy during three days of unparalleled opportunities at the globe’s largest international gaming event.

Regulating the Game – Sydney – March 10-15

Anticipation is rife for the Regulating the Game 2024 Sydney conference, which is poised to be more engaging and thought-provoking than ever. 

The draft program has been unveiled, promising new concepts, innovative sessions and a commitment to fostering robust conversations on critical issues facing the gaming industry.

The upcoming conference introduces innovative elements such as Masterclass and Pitch! alongside the incorporation of guest MCs for themed days. 

With an increased focus on panel discussions, the 2024 program aims to tackle several topics, offering fresh perspectives on policy, regulation, technology and broader sector issues. 

A vital aspect integrated into the Regulating the Game 2024 program is the focus on racing and sport integrity. 

Recognising the significance of maintaining integrity in racing and sports betting, dedicated sessions will explore strategies to ensure a fair and transparent environment. 

Discussions and deliberations over racing and sport integrity will undoubtedly have a direct impact on bettors and the betting community at large.

Ensuring fair play, combating corruption and upholding ethical standards not only fortify the integrity of online betting sites but also contribute to creating a trustworthy and transparent betting environment.

Punters stand to benefit from the measures discussed, as the initiatives aim to enhance the overall integrity of the gaming landscape, providing a safer and more reliable betting experience. 

Business of Sport Summit (BOSS) – Sydney – August 22

A wave of fresh enthusiasm has swept through the Australian sporting landscape, bringing fans closer to their teams than ever before.

Supporters are challenging sports executives to deliver not just routine experiences but to strive for more significant and improved sporting spectacles.

As a cornerstone in Australia’s sports industry, the Business of Sport Summit (BOSS) is firmly established as the pre-eminent event and is set to return in 2024.

Its goal is to chart the course for what lies ahead in what is being heralded as the golden decade of Australian sport. 

BOSS is renowned for securing national and global speakers of unparalleled quality and immense authority. 

The summit is a platform where attendees collectively navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that define this transformative period in history.

Attendees play a crucial role in shaping the conversation, equipped with several real-time engagement tools that empower them to actively contribute to the discussions.

With a commitment to fostering candid discussions and lively debates, every session is independently moderated, creating an environment where diverse opinions can thrive, and industry professionals engage in meaningful exchanges.

Business of Sport Summit (BOSS) – Various Locations & Dates

The SBC Summit is a global event held in various locations throughout the year which provide a comprehensive overview of the sports betting industry. 

The conference and exhibition stand is the premier gathering point for global leaders in sports betting and iGaming, serving as a dynamic platform for discussions on the industry’s future, knowledge exchange, and the establishment of powerful connections.

Sports betting, casino and iGaming, payments and compliance, affiliate and marketing and media will feature dedicated conference stages, exhibition floors and networking areas.

The conference agenda promises a busy schedule with an unparalleled line-up of 450 industry professionals as speakers, offering insights and expertise.

Simultaneously, the exhibition floor undergoes an impressive expansion, accommodating over 600 exhibitors to showcase the latest innovations and advancements in the industry.